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Be it for drilling a metal surface or for drilling concrete or masonry; hammer drill bits are considered perfect for all these applications. From plastic to wood, metal to concrete, drill bits are versatile and are capable of drilling holes in all these substances. They are specially designed using sturdy quality metal to make them suitable to use with hammer drills, which exert force on these bits for drilling holes. To meet the varying drill bits requirements hammer bit wholesalers are fabricating a wide variety of drill bits that vary in size, shape, and strength.

However, those working with drill bits for the first time tend to make several mistakes in both choosing and using the drill bits. In this blog, we are sharing a few common mistakes that one must avoid when working with hammer drill bits. 

Buying the wrong hammer bits according to the application

Hammer Bits vary in diameter, length, shape, and build. From the sharpness of their tip to cross-sectional build, they all vary depending on the application they will be used for. They are manufactured using different grades of steel depending on the requirement of strength and sturdiness. It is advised to buy hammer bits according to the application or the material you will be drilling, be it concrete, stone, wood, or any metal. 

Investing in poor-quality hammer bits

When investing in hammer bits in bulk quantity, do not go for a cheap price, or else you will end up buying poor-quality hammer bits. Such hammer bits are more likely to get damaged or break when the hammer drill pressure is exerted on them. It is one of the reasons why we recommend buying these drill bits from renowned hammer bit wholesalers like Modern Impex. Choosing certified manufacturers and wholesalers helps in buying the drill bits made of optimum-grade material. Such drill bits work efficiently when lubricated and maintained well.

Exerting a lot of pressure on hammer bits 

No matter whether you are drilling stone or concrete or any hard metal surface, it is always advised to put limited pressure. Many believe that putting more pressure will fasten the drilling work or will help in drilling efficiently. However, putting a lot of pressure often ends up damaging the hammer bits. When hammer drills put more pressure on the hammer bits, they may wear out easily or may break. It is advised to put the required pressure only to ensure that the drilling takes place effectively without breaking drill bits.

Drilling at high speed

If you do not wish to waste your drill bits by getting them damaged, then do not work at high speed. However, according to the material that needs to get drilled, the hammer drill speed is defined by the manufacturers. But to get through it in less time, people often use hammer drills at high speed, which ends up breaking the hammer bits, despite their high strength and quality. One must work at the required speed only to save the bits from getting damaged.

It is also advised to secure the hammer bits properly before drilling to prevent them from moving or slipping when drilling. Considering these mistakes will help you work with hammer bits properly. But the foremost important thing to consider is to buy them from the best hammer bit wholesalers like Modern Impex. The better the quality of the hammer bits, the more will be its durability.

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