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What is Fibroid?

Fibroids can be present in the uterus. It is an irregularity that can be found by your doctor. If you consult a doctor for any other medical condition and simultaneously come through fibroids, you can receive treatment.

There are fibroids doctor in south Delhi and many other areas of Delhi NCR. This is accessible to all. Dr. Ruchi Tandon is among the best doctors to consult in the area. As a gynecologist and laparoscopic surgeon, she is prominent in many services needed for the patient.

Now, to look out for fibroids, there are symptoms to check in the patient. There is also no guarantee of a symptom to some patients.

  1. To those who face symptoms, it can be determined by its location, as well as the quantity and size.
  2. Patients have reported heavy menstrual bleeding and menstruation that lasts more than a week time.
  3. There is also pelvic pressure and pain involved.
  4. Frequent urination and constipation are also symptoms.
  5. There can also be difficulty emptying the bladder. Fibroid symptoms also include leg pains or backache in the patient. 

Methods for Testing Fibroids

Further tests to determine fibroids include the ultrasound method and more lab tests. You can receive fibroidstreatment in various other locations of Delhi including Greater Kailash with amenities for tests. For ultrasound, a transabdominal method that is over the abdomen is used. A transvaginal method, which is done by placing the device inside the vagina, can also be conducted.

For this treatment, there are more methods of testing to determine fibroids.

  1. MRI is done to check the detail and size as well as the location. This helps in determining suitable treatment.
  2. Hysterosonography is done by using sterile saline that helps in expanding the uterine cavity. This helps in acquiring the image for submucosal fibroids. 
  3. Hysterosalpingography is done by using a dye. This helps in highlighting the uterine cavity as well as the fallopian tubes. This can be captured on X-ray.
  4. Hysteroscopy is done by inserting a small and lighted telescope into the uterus via the cervix. By inserting saline, it expands the uterine cavity. The doctor can then examine the uterus walls and fallopian tubes opening.

Understanding the risks For Fibroids

You can receive fibroids treatment in Delhi after witnessing symptoms. Dr. Ruchi Tandon is a specialist to consult in this department. Much like any other diagnosis, some risks factors can be understood by the patient.

  1. A woman of reproductive age is considered a risk.
  2. Race also comes into play, as black women are at higher risk compared to other race women.
  3. Heredity is a factor when it comes to fibroid risks in women.
  4. Early menstruation is also linked to fibroid risk.
  5. Besides the race and heredity factors, other conditions can result in fibroids like dietary, Vitamin D deficiency, and obesity, etc.

Doctor For Fibroids Treatment in Greater Kailash

Consultation with the right doctor can yield results. Finding a good clinic and doctor is a must.

These are a good set of doctors for fibroids treatment in the Delhi area. Dr. Ruchi Tandon provides good service in Greater Kailash area. Fibroids treatment, Infertility, PCOD, and more are catered to.

The hospitals available are also well equipped with amenities. These are inclusive of internet connections, air-conditioned rooms, and a good infrastructure catering to staff and visitor comfort.

Managing the Treatment for the Patient

With good infrastructure provided at a hospital and clinic, the treatment is easier. On a humane level, good doctor consultation is mandatory. If there are protruding symptoms that seemed like fibroids get it checked beforehand. The mentioned fibroids treatment in south Delhi can be a good start. Dr. Ruchi Tandon is one of the best doctors to consult for fibroids and gynecological problems.

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