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Release my vehicle provides a simple solution to release your impounded car from the police pound. We are providing a variety of short and annual insurance policies. Feel free to call us for a no-obligation cheapest impounded car insurance quote because most standard car insurance companies do not provide insurance for impounded cars. So you may need to find a specialist insurance provider.

Get insurance to release an impounded car

Impounded car insurance is a special insurance policy that will help release your car if impounded. It is specifically designed to help you to retrieve your car on a short-term note. This insurance policy covers a third party and a minimum of 30 days.

Shortly, you can also take out temporary car insurance for impounded cars. We can help by providing drivers with suitable insurance documentation to release impounded cars from the police pound. If your car has been impounded by the police, you will be required to provide them with insurance documentation proving that you have an insurance policy in place that covers impounded cars and is valid for a minimum of 30 days.

Many standard car insurance policies will not be acceptable to the pound as they hardly cover impounded cars. It means that you need to take specialist impounded car insurance. This insurance offers you suitable documentation to release your impounded car from the police pound.

Why do you need impounded car insurance?

Police and other authorities have the power to impound any vehicle that is being driven without valid insurance or without a driving license. There can be many other reasons why a car gets impounded by the police.

  • Parked on public roads
  • Being driven without a driving license or insurance
  • Stolen and found by the police
  • Illegally parking
  • Causing an obstruction
  • Involve in a crime
  • Involved in an accident

Impounded cars are then taken to the police pound where they are kept safe. You will have to pay a release fee and daily storage charges will be added for each day the car is not collected. You will usually have just 14 days to release your impounded car and if you fail to collect it after 14 days, it will be scrapped or sold at auction.

If your car has been impounded by the police, it is important that you get suitable cover quickly to release the car before it is at great risk of being scrapped.

You should act quickly to release your car within 14 days period. That is why getting an impounded car insurance quote is fairly a simple solution. As the online insurance provider can quickly send you documentation and confirmation of the insurance coverage through the mail.

How to release an impounded car from the police pound?

To release an impounded car from the police pound, you will be required to provide proof of documentation like

  • Proof of insurance that covers impounded cars by authorities
  • Show proof of car ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate
  • Proof of your ID via driving license or passport
  • Show proof of your address using a standard document

Can a temporary insurance policy allow you to retrieve an impounded car?

Temporary impounded car insurance is provided by many car insurance companies. Many standard car insurance policies expel impounded cars and that is why can’t be enough. When you come to retrieve your impounded car, most likely it will not include a specific cover for impounded cars.

Cheapest insurance for impounded cars

There are basically two ways of getting insurance to release a car from the police pound. You can either buy a specialist short-term insurance policy or get someone else to insure it which is the best and cheapest one for you relies on your situation including your driving record, age, and whether or not you want to keep the car.

Buy a short-term insurance policy

This can be a cheaper option, but it depends upon your situation. The minimum that the pound staff will allow is an insurance policy that covers 30 days; this means that standard short-term policies which generally run from 1 to 28 days will not be accepted. Specialist insurance policies do exist however that will be accepted by the pound staff and you can arrange one of those by calling us.

The major benefit of this is that you can talk to a highly experienced provider who can assist you to ensure you get the suitable policy and who can give you any more information that you require on how to release your car.

Get someone else to insure it

Like every other insurance policy which permits the policyholder to drive any car not belonging to that person particularly excludes using it to release an impounded car. It means that the person who is to get it out of impound must have a policy for that specific car.

It is possible to insure a car that does not belong to you it is expensive. In addition, short-term impounded car insurance is only available for registered owners. It would be important therefore for whoever insures it to actually own the car. It means that you have to sell the car to this person.

How to get cheap insurance for impounded cars?

Getting impound car insurance for impounded cars is possible but challenging. Impounded car insurance is normally highly expensive and is not provided by many insurance providers. Make sure your insurance policy includes this possibility because you will need to provide proof at the police pound to have your car freed.

we offer cheapest impounded car insurance for drivers whose cars are impounded by the police, Contact us if you need assistance retrieving your car from the police pound if it is currently impounded by the police. Our UK-based call centers are always open to help you. Call us and our team will be more than happy to help you in releasing your impounded car.

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