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The right blade is everything for good wood cutting. To learn how to work on wood—from a hobbyist, professional carpenter, or even an educator—the right selection of the blade would form the basis for clean and precise cutting. We are right here to discuss the types of blades available for wood cutting and how one of the top wood cutting blade wholesalers in Modern Impex would be able to meet your needs.

Types of Wood Cutting Blades

Rip Blades

Ripping blades are designed especially for cutting along the wood grain. Such blades contain fewer teeth, about 24-30, to help the material being cut to get removed effectively. Such a blade is best suited for long, straight cutting on hardwood and softwood boards.

Crosscut Blades

Cross-cut blades make cuts across the herbaceous texture of the wooden material. Teeth on these blades are more in number: about 60 to 80. They make finer cuts. They are ideal for clean, smooth, bright, and accurate cuts on pieces of wood.

Combination Blades

For those who want versatility, combination blades are an excellent choice. These blades combine the features of rip and crosscut blades, with around 40 to 50 teeth arranged in sets of five: four crosscut teeth followed by a deeper gullet for ripping.

Specialty Blades

There are special blades for actual jobs, like the dado blade, which cuts grooves or dadoes in material, and then there are fine-tooth finishing blades for super smooth cuts on fine woodworking projects.

Choosing the Right Blade

When selecting a wood-cutting blade, consider the type of wood you’ll be working with and the type of cuts you’ll be making. For general woodworking, a combination blade from Modern Impex can handle most tasks. For specialized projects, selecting the appropriate rip, crosscut, or specialty blade will ensure the best results.

Why Choose Modern Impex?

Modern Impex is one of the widely reputed Blade Manufacturers that have created a niche for themselves in the manufacturing world of high-quality knives and blades that fulfill the needs of the artisans. Their blades are well manufactured in a way that they will be durable and cut with accuracy to ensure you enjoy well-done results in your woodwork projects. Modern Impex, too, guarantees that all your cutting tools will be reliable and durable.


Every woodworking activity needs the application of the right wood-cutting blade. All that you may be looking for, whether rip blades, crosscut blades, combination blades, or specialty blades, Modern Impex has it all. Get the perfect tools for your woodworking at Modern Impex—Trusted Supplies.

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