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Mascara is an essential part of every makeup routine, however it’s not easy to create the perfect appearance. From clumps to smudges mascara can be difficult to apply. But, there are quick and easy mascara hacks to get an impeccable appearance. Also you will surprised by the low mascara price, considering the high-end brand like lakme.

Make sure to start with a clean and tidy brush.

When applying your mascara be sure that you wash the brush. This will eliminate any mascara clumps or dry mascara which could cause discoloration.

Curl your lashes.

Make use of an eyelash curler prior to apply mascara. This will give your eyes lashes an extra lift. This will increase the size of your eyes and make them appear larger.

Apply primer.

A primer for mascara will aid in separating your lashes, which makes the application of mascara easier. It can also help make your mascara last longer.

Use a zig-zag motion.

While applying your mascara make the zig-zag method to apply each lash. This will allow you to separate the lashes and avoid the clumping.

Apply layers of mascara.

Applying several coats of mascara will make for an eye-catching appearance. Be certain to let each coat dry prior to applying the following.

Make use of a spoolie brush.

A spoolie brush is employed to brush through your mascara lashes after applying mascara. This helps to get them separated and eliminate any lumps.

Apply mascara on your bottom mascara.

Do not forget not to put mascara in your lower lashes. This can help create a more even look and increase the size of your eyes.

Make sure you use an waterproof mascara.

Waterproof mascaras can help keep smudges and smudges from happening which makes it an excellent choice for people with oily skin or people who live in humid environments.

Remove mascara properly.

If you are removing mascara, make certain to apply a makeup remover that specifically made for use with eye makeup. This can help avoid irritation and help maintain your lashes’ health.

Store mascara correctly.

Mascara is best stored in a dry, cool location. Do not store it in a humid or hot place as this may result in the mascara drying and eventually become lumpy.

With these 10 simple and effective tricks for mascara that will give you an elegant look with little effort. Make sure to begin with a clean and tidy brush. curl your lashes using an zig-zag movement and then apply your mascara in layers to get the best effect. Make sure that you apply your mascara on the lower lashes. Use a waterproof mascara, then remove it carefully and properly store it. With these suggestions you will be able to master the makeup-free look or achieve a bold and dramatic look using mascara.

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