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Achievements are a terrific way to completely explore a game, but they can also be a struggle, as these difficult achievements in Dead by Daylight demonstrate.

Dead by Daylight players aiming to 100% complete the game face a big hurdle with over 200 achievements to fulfill. Some are simple and occur naturally throughout normal gameplay. Some Dead by Daylight accomplishments, on the other hand, will challenge players and force them to perform at the peak of their game. Serving as a true test of ability.

Some of these difficult tasks will put even the most experienced players to the test and can take months to finish. Whether gamers want to play as a Killer or a Survivor, both have extremely challenging feats.

Legendary Survivor

Legendary Survivor is a straightforward game in which players must achieve the online Survivor grade of Iridescent I. This is the highest rank in the game, and reaching it for the first time is a tremendous accomplishment.

Unfortunately, the achievement is based on how much time a player can devote to the game rather than competence. The more time spent playing, the higher the player’s level. Furthermore, the grades are reset every month, giving participants a limited amount of time to race to the top.

Legendary Killer

To unlock this achievement, users must reach Iridescent I in the Killer ranks. Legendary Killer is slightly harder to obtain than Legendary Survivor because the player is totally responsible for their victory, with no teammates to carry them. Players that finally reach the top position for the first time have much to celebrate, and it can be a really defining moment for any Dead by Daylight player.

The disadvantage of this achievement is that it is based on how much time players spend playing the game rather than a true assessment of talent. Nonetheless, it can be quite an accomplishment for inexperienced players, and it is undoubtedly one of the most challenging feats in the game.

Power Moves

Power Moves allows players to repair a complete generator and escape eight times in a public match while wearing no perks. This achievement is especially bad for players in higher tiers, since meta perks are nearly a requirement to win, let alone having no perks at all.

Players attempting to obtain this achievement must be at the top of their game and bring the best equipment they can to aid them along the journey. This award will be most easily attained by players at lower ranks, where the games are more relaxed and casual – as long as their colleagues are pulling their weight, they have a good chance of succeeding.

Collision Course

Collision Course is a feat unique to Albert Wesker, The Mastermind. Players must slam one Survivor into another ten times. Unfortunately, this achievement requires the player to be really lucky and come across numerous Survivors clumped together at the same time. The easiest way to collide two Survivors is in a small hallway or corridor with little room to run.

Players that frequently play Wesker will ultimately gain the achievement, while those trying to 100% the game who are unfamiliar with his play style may struggle a little more.

Skilled Huntress

Players who want to earn this achievement must practice their aim. Skilled Huntress requires downing Survivors 20 times with The Huntress’ Hatchets from a distance of more than 24 meters. This achievement contains a lot of elements that make it difficult, such as items the Hatchet could collide with, the player’s ping versus the Survivor’s ping, Survivor hit boxes, and the player’s overall skill level.

Less experienced players may struggle with this achievement, as it takes a lot of practice to get excellent at striking shots with Hatchets, let alone from a distance.

From The Void, She Kills

In Dead by Daylight, the Nurse is a highly divisive Killer. She can quickly demolish a team in the right hands. She can, however, be difficult to learn, especially for console gamers. To earn this accomplishment, players must chain three or more of her blinks onto a Survivor and pull them off an item, such as a Generator or Totem.

To succeed, players must be at the proper place at the right time, as well as be comfortable aiming The Nurse’s blinks. It can be difficult to learn and even more difficult to perfect, which is why this achievement is so difficult.

Adept David

Along with all of the other Survivor Adept milestones, players must escape with their chosen character in a public match using only their three unique perks. Unfortunately, David possesses one of the game’s worst perks: no Mither. The perk causes players to begin the game in the Injured life condition and adds the Broken status effect, which means they cannot recover back to the Healthy life state for the duration of the game.

This is a significant disadvantage for the player, and it can be especially challenging for people who do not feel very comfortable being so vulnerable for the duration of the game.

Left For Dead

Left For Dead is a difficult achievement since it is extremely inconvenient for the player. As the sole survivor, the player must activate the final generator before escaping through the exit gate. When the player is the last Survivor standing, they usually stop working on generators and go look for a way out. There could be up to 5 generators left to finish that the player would have to do on their own to avoid being caught by the Killer.

Furthermore, if the player attempts to complete the generators, the Killer may locate and close the hatch, triggering the Endgame Collapse. The player would only have a few minutes from this point on to finish their generators and make it to the exit gate without being captured by the Killer. The achievement has many aspects to consider and is easily one of the most difficult in Dead by Daylight.

Outbreak Breakout

Outbreak Breakout appears to be a straightforward achievement; in public matches, players must open the exit gates and escape 20 times on the Raccoon City Police Department map. However, the Raccoon City layout is extremely difficult to navigate for Happy Wheels gamers who are unfamiliar with it, making it more difficult to complete all of the generators.

Furthermore, the player must be the one to open the exit gates, so if their teammates beat them to it, it’s their fault. Finally, Raccoon City is one of many maps in Dead by Daylight, thus unless the player has a large number of map options, completing this goal may take some time.

Evil Incarnate

Evil Incarnate is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult achievements to obtain in the Dead by Daylight community. While in Tier III of Evil Within, the player must kill all four Survivors as Michael Myers. This may appear to be a simple task, but the crucial word is kill, not sacrifice. This implies that instead of utilizing a hook to kill the Survivors, the player must mori each one individually using the Judith’s Tombstone add-on.

Unfortunately, Survivors can simply counter this by jumping into a locker. As a result, the Killer will be unable to mori them and will have to either pull them out of the locker and hook them or let them to bleed dead on the ground. This is what makes this achievement so difficult – it is frequently beyond of the player’s control whether or not they can fulfill it.

Dead by Daylight is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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