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There is no other game with a physics engine like this one, however there are games with building mechanics that allow for innovative builds on par with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

When it comes to its fusion system, Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom stands head and shoulders above the competition. It not only allows players to strap anything together, but it also has a unique physics engine that allows many systems to interact with one other fluidly. In fact, it’s so complicated that it effectively pushed the game’s release date from 2022 to May 12, 2023.

While no other game has a physics engine like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are many of titles with building mechanics that allow for creative builds on par with Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some people like creating beautiful structures, while others use this element for immersion and storytelling.

Kerbal Space Program

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom lets players to build multistage rockets to fly across the sky, however its highest sky limit does not extend to the stars. The Kerbal Space Program, as the name suggests, is all about pushing the envelope.

Kerbal exploded in popularity thanks to its vast rocket-building functionality and the numerous ways it can blow up. Many aspiring builders were drawn to the game because of its gradual learning curve, harsh physics, and encouragement of players to keep going.

Kerbal Space Program 2 is now in Early Access for anyone looking for an upgraded game.


Besiege foregoes military simulations in favor of developing medieval siege engines and wreaking havoc. Each level in Besiege requires players to use their imagination to solve a problem, which frequently involves destroying opposing lines. Players can either follow the game’s guide to build death machines or experiment with its responsive physics to accomplish the given problem.

The game’s primary gameplay cycle of planning, building, and testing generates a fascinating momentum that propels it forward. Even while following a rote strategy, players can build on it or even remove elements for minimalist builds.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 was the first game in the long-running WRPG series to include base building. It’s one of the game’s basic mechanics, and it’s useful for players that like to collect loot. Players replenish resources by putting settlers to work, as well as by building and planting.

The Workshop DLCs dramatically increase the basic game’s building features and provide players additional reason to engage in the mechanic. The Fallout 4 community has also created fantastic settlement mods that can transform bases into viable communities in the wasteland.


Astroneer, a game in which players explore a galaxy full of varied biomes, continues in the space theme. To efficiently explore these worlds, players construct bases using a 3D printer and blueprints from their backpacks. Players are allowed to build wherever they choose on the globe and have a wide range of buildings to choose from while constructing their colonies.

For some, building in Astroneer can be lonely, which is why its multiplayer feature is a godsend for those who desire additional hands on deck. Colonies, whether built alone or in groups, can include science centers, scrappers, furnaces, massive 3D printers, and anything else that can make their space voyage easier.

Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest, the highly awaited sequel to the survival multiplayer game The Forest, includes a deeper building system to accommodate its massive area size. As always, constructing a fortified base is critical for surviving the night and storing resources. Players can build the traditional way by following plans in their manual, or they can free build.

The new free-building mechanism allows players to create whatever they want without using a blueprint. Players must only arrange resources in the manner in which they believe a set would be constructed. They may apply this level of inventiveness to blueprint structures as well, because each structure can be modified or added to.


TerraTech, a colorful, nostalgic, and adventure-filled game, immerses players in a universe where they can construct blocky contraptions reminiscent of their childhood. Except this time, gamers may equip their Lego-like vehicles with guns, engines, and future technology. They can then use these cars to compete against AI-controlled opponents in solitary mode or against other builders in multiplayer mode.

TerraTech, an all-ages game, satisfies the childhood desire to construct contraptions and smash them together in epic battles. It also has considerable difficulty, as players must complete rudimentary trials to obtain better blocks and weaponry.

Requisition VR

With physics-based weapon fusion, this survival base construction game heightens the stress of a zombie apocalypse. Players can create incredibly bizarre weaponry using duct tape and their imagination. The sky is the limit for weapon creation, whether it’s mannequins with circular saws on the end, basketball-throwing axes, or plank walls with a shovel and spinning katanas.

The developers of Requisition VR confess to drawing influence from Dead Rising. Which introduced many players to this type of weapon design. As of this writing, Snake Game has exited Early Access and is now available as a full release.

Poly Bridge 2

Poly Bridge 2 features a revamped physics engine, as well as new mechanics and brain-teasing levels. True to the spirit of the first game, players must wrack their minds and solve problems through bridge building, whether or not they create a real bridge. Players may now create incredibly bizarre contraptions to clear stages. Which they can share with its active community or perhaps their favorite Twitch broadcaster, thanks to its enhancements.

Players can even compete against one another. Dry Cactus keeps verifiable leaderboards that track numerous in-game statistics. These statistics include each player’s budget per bridge, maximum joint stress, and material footprint, to name a few. Looking at the leaderboards, then the player forums, reveals amusing dialogues. Such as old entries in which new players are perplexed by $0 builds.

Poly Bridge 3 will be launched on May 31, 2023. So players won’t have to wait long for a new dose of bridge-building.

Scrap Mechanic

Tears in the Kingdom’s building mechanics allow for incredible vehicle customisation. In Scrap Mechanic, players may create their own transforming cars using over 400 in-game building elements and a thousand more through mods.

Players can create whatever they want in Creative Mode. And they can also take on challenges in Survival and Challenge Mode. Because of the game’s mechanics, users may create caravans of monster trucks, moving houses, planes, and anything else they can think of. Axolot Games has promised to update the 2016-era game more to please long-time players.

Death Stranding

Despite being published in 2019, players continue to return to Death Stranding. Apart from its mind-blowing tale and atmosphere, the game’s building mechanics encourage players to restart it. Players are reloading saves in order to assist other players by constructing roads, bridges, zip lines. And other constructions that aid in traversal, storage, and protection.

The notion of links from Death Stranding is represented in this multiplayer portion of the game. It also makes traveling easier for players because they can access constructions built by other players. They can even assist other players by recovering or delivering their missing cargo in exchange for likes, which can boost the player’s powers.

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