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Painting is a significant investment in your property. Whether it is the question of interiors or exteriors, painting helps achieve great looks for your building and hence you do not want the paint to go off or fade away soon after you paint the building. Here are three important steps to ensure when you want your painting to last for long.

  1. Best preparation practices

Right practices in preparation are important to make painting last for long. If you wish to paint yourself, ensure these steps are followed well. If you hire house painters to do the job, ensure that they go with these steps meticulously.

Cleaning the surface thoroughly is the first best practice you must ensure while painting or repainting. Paint will not adhere to dirty or flaky or moldy surface or old paint. Therefore, all these must be thoroughly removed with the right processes to ensure a proper painting.  

Damaged siding can cause the paint to chip away and flake. Hence, repair if there are any damages to the siding. Caulk the rotted boards thoroughly to seal them and then go with the painting.

Best quality tinted primer base beneath the coat of paint can significantly extend the life of painting by three to five years. Applying primer will also help in smoothing the imperfections and improve the adhesion of the paint applied. Primer can also help prevent bubbling, flaking and chipping of the paint. It is important to choose the right type of primer depending on whether you are using an oil-based paint or water-based paint.

  1. Choose the right type of paint

Especially with regard to exteriors, always go for good quality paints so that it can last for longer. Acrylic latex paints work the best for most painting scenarios. These are versatile kind of paints that can be used on oil based or water based primers. Some of their alluring benefits are here. They will not harden with time. They help prevent blistering. They do not easily mildew. They are eco-friendly. In some cases, oil based paints are a good option as they can resist wear and repel water in a better way. In fact, they are the best option for painting steps, iron railings, porches that are prone to a lot of traffic and stoops.

  1. Paint Properly

A properly applied paint bestows fresh looks to buildings. It can also protect well from the weather elements. Doing the painting job rightly starts with procuring the right kind of equipment. Professional House Painters will always have the right tools with them that can ensure the best painting job done neatly. They are also trained well to perform the job meticulously and can ensure that the painting lasts for longer.

Some good tips to make painting last for longer include applying thorough coats of paint, avoid exposure to heat and sunlight, and avoid painting on wet surfaces. If all these three steps are ensured well across your painting job, the painting can last for longer and give the best value for your investment.

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