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Since appearing in hoverboards , also known as self-balancing scooters or self-balancing scooters, have become a trend. Riding a hoverboard is very exciting and fun.
Due to the popularity of hoverboards maybe you are considering getting one, but are still unsure about the durability of this smart wheel. Hoverboards can actually last a long time and remain optimal as long as they are cared for properly. The following are five things you can pay attention to so that the hoverboard stays primed and durable.

1. Take care of the hoverboard battery by charging it properly and correctly

Quality hoverboards usually use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Lithium battery life is generally up to 3 years. So that your battery doesn’t run out quickly, you should not use the hoverboard until the battery is completely exhausted. The general rule is to stop using the hoverboard when it has 20% power left. That is, if your segway is of good quality and can be ridden for 4 hours, you should stop after 3 hours of use.
Another important thing is not to overheat the battery. Temperature greatly affects the degradation of lithium batteries. Avoid overcharging as it makes the battery hot and wears out quickly. It’s best not to leave the segway plugged in for a long time. Just unplug the charging cable when not in use. If you want to store the battery separately, store it in a cool place.

2. Check the hoverboard wheel bolts

Wheels are an important part that must be considered because this part bears your burden. High usage frequency can make your hoverboard wheels loose.

Therefore, periodically, check the segway wheel bolts. You can also shake it to see if your hoverboard wheels are loose. Loose wheels run the risk of hurting you and causing the segway to fail quickly. If any wheels are loose, secure them immediately with the appropriate tool.

3. Clean the hoverboard body regularly

Who doesn’t like the smooth and shiny hoverboard body? A clean segway body signifies good maintenance. Cleaning the body not only makes your segway look sleek and elegant, but also keeps it out of other troubles. Dirt that accumulates in the body can enter and damage the components inside.

Actually, cleaning the body is quite easy, really , namely wiping it with a soft cloth. Wipe all parts until completely clean. However, do not clean the hoverboard with an air compressor because it can damage the components inside.

4. Check the component connections (if you understand electricity)

When you open the hoverboard, inside there are many components connected by cables. Sometimes, there is a cable that is dislodged so that it interferes with the hoverboard’s performance. If you have a good understanding of electronics, you can just connect the cables independently. However, if you want to be safer, it’s a good idea to periodically bring the nearest service location.

5. Use the hoverboard according to the instructions for use

The durability of the hoverboard depends on how you use it. There are some limitations which can usually be found in the user manual. Typically, the weight of a rider is 20-100 kg. The permitted speed is only 10 km/hour. Temperature also affects hoverboard performance. Ideally, hoverboards should be used at room temperature and on a smooth, non-undulating surface. Of course hoverboards break down quickly if you ride them like motocross or for cross-country.

In essence, you have to remember that Hoverboard Wholesale are not ordinary vehicles. He must be treated with gentleness. When not in use, store your hoverboard in a protected place.

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