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Did you know that Argyle pink diamonds have lots of different variations? In this month of hearts, show your love to your girlfriend by giving her an Argyle pink diamond necklace. Since there are different hues, you have a lot of options to choose from.

But why a necklace? Aside from the ring, the necklace is the most romantic piece of jewelry you can gift your loved ones. In addition, the combination of Argyle pink diamonds and necklace creates a perfect Valentine’s gift.

Unfortunately, due to the closing of the Argyle mine in November 2020, there is a limited Argyle pink diamond supply around the world. However, if you’re not looking for too fancy pieces, you can still find other smaller and affordable Argyle pink diamonds.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are six reasons why you should gift your girlfriend an argyle pink diamond necklace!

1. Argyle pink diamonds are rare

Apart from the closing of the Argyle Mine, pink diamonds are rare ever since. It’s because, unlike the other fancy-coloured diamonds, the pink pigment is hard to find. And although there are other pink diamond mines in Africa, Brazil, and Russia, the colours they offer are not the same as the Argyle Mine.

There may be some factors causing the difference in the colour or hue which is why there’s a difference between the pink diamonds they produce. Moreover, since Argyle Mine is the biggest pink diamond mine in the world, producing around 90% of the total supply, there has been a shortage since it closed.

So if you’re planning to buy an Argyle pink diamond necklace for your girlfriend, try to find it as early as possible.

2. Argyle pink diamonds are a great investment

Since there’s a shortage of Argyle pink diamonds, the necklace is not just a gift, but also an investment. Simply finding the pink diamond is more than enough due to the decline in supply. And once you give her the gift, don’t forget to mention that she can make more out of it soon, when she decides to sell the diamond.

On the other hand, if you’re completely committed, this is a great way to have something to secure your future together. Besides, the growth of the value of Argyle pink diamonds is increasing, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


3. Argyle pink diamonds last long

As you may already know, according to the most popular advertisement, “Diamonds are forever”. But although diamonds are technically not going to last forever, they last long. Longer than the first owner as diamonds can be passed from one generation to another.

In addition, it’s known that diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth. It’s extremely durable and can endure any environmental stress. However, once the diamond is in your hands, there are care tips you should follow to keep them sparkly.

Some of these tips include having separate storage for each diamond, avoiding wearing it too often, and refraining from doing too many activities that may damage the diamonds.

4. An Argyle pink diamond necklace fits her personality

How well do you know your girlfriend? Do you think an Argyle pink diamond necklace suits her personality? If your girlfriend is friendly, bubbly, and always smiling, a pink diamond necklace suits her well.

Of course, it will also depend on the setting, metal, and pink diamond hue. But, in general, the pink diamond personality is about being a strong independent woman with a heart. So if this sounds like your girlfriend, don’t hesitate to gift this to her.

However, it’s also wise to consider if she’s fond of pink. Who knows, her personality might fit the jewelry, but in the end, it’s still up to her taste.


5. She’s a fan of Argyle pink diamonds

No other reason will be important if your girlfriend’s a fan of Argyle pink diamonds. And if she is, she might already know the other reasons why having an Argyle pink diamond necklace is a must.

But, of course, if you already have given her some pink diamond jewelry in the past, it’s up to you to decide if a necklace won’t be too much.

If you’re also a fan of something, you know how lovely it is to receive something special from you. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have an amazing piece that can also be a great investment? It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

6. You just want to give it to her

Do you ever felt the feeling when you just want to give an important gift to someone you love? It doesn’t matter what the price is, as long as you know that she will like it, you can spend some money in your bank.

Besides, when you give something to your girlfriend that you know she’ll like, it will certainly also make you happy. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should!

Now that you have a gift idea, you can start looking for the best Argyle pink diamond necklace your girlfriend will surely like. Don’t forget to share the outcome by leaving a comment below!


Aliana Baraquio is currently writing for Musson Jewellers Australia, a rare and enduring jewellery design business that has been providing the finest jewellery for over 40 years in Sydney. Her free time is composed of her phone and new comics to read on. 

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