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Are you planning a journey to Chicago and want to include some unique things to do in Chicago? Here are 9 out-of-the-ordinary things to do in Chicago today, offered by a local: Valentina from Valentina’s Destinations.

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1. Glass Blowing Class

One-time glass-blowing training is available in a few locations in Chicago. You can turn it into a bowl, paperweight, or wine goblet. This is a fantastic opportunity! According to our instructor, people travel from all over the Midwest to take part in this activity. We chose Shatter Glass Group, which is close to Irving Park. The lesson lasts about 2-3 hours. You’ll get to work on your project while being closely monitored. In reality, most classes are one-on-one or two-on-one. Glassmaking necessitates some serious equipment and temperatures!

2. Chicago River

Most visitors to Chicago come to see the impressive museums, dine at fine restaurants, and buy on Michigan Avenue. Don’t fret if glam isn’t your thing! There’s another way to see Chicago that you’ve never heard of kayaking. Kayak tours in Chicago are ideal for both locals and visitors. There are also excursions dedicated to crime, ghosts, and gangsters. Kayaking excursions provide a unique viewpoint and view of the Chicago skyline. Get a double kayak if you’re traveling with a significant other or a friend! We chose pairs… This was a decision I soon regretted. It was difficult to maintain the group together in a single. Chicago can be blustery! Kayaking can be quite strenuous in that situation.

3. BYOB Pottery

Looking for a way to spend time with friends, be creative, and attempt something new? Consider taking a BYOB pottery lesson. Pottery can be both soothing and relaxing. It gives your hands something to do other than type on a keyboard and browse through your phone. It does, but, must be some practice! These classes are close to three hours in length for a reason. Wheel tossing is not as simple as it appears! You can play with as much clay as you want. You may glaze and carry home one piece of your choice.

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4. Full Moon Jam

The Full Moon Jam is one of Chicago’s most intriguing creative cultural manifestations. This gathering takes place at Foster Beach every full moon during the summer months. The Full Moon Jam is a massive drum circle and dance celebration. Inside the drum circle are not just dancers… but fire artists! Fire hoopers, fire fan dancers, fire staff, and fire poi players are all featured. Outside the drum circle, there are LED performers, as well as hula hoopers, poi, and other props. The Full Moon Jams are free to attend! They bring together a varied group of Chicagoland performers and musicians. Visitors bring picnic blankets and their companions. Relax in the dusky forest outside Foster Beach and take in the performance!

5. Salsa Dancing

Chicago is a diverse city with a sizable Latin American community and a penchant for salsa dancing. “Salsa Nights” are held at bars and eateries throughout downtown. Salsa Nights begins with an hour of free training. So, there’s no need to be proficient! But it is preferable if you can bring a companion. Enjoy the lively tunes and free dance to your own beat after the class. There are always a few amazing partners at Salsa Nights. Relax and appreciate the show! Salsa Nights is famous at Dylan’s Tavern, Nacional 27, and Alhambra. For a more refined encounter, visit Palm Court at Drake.

6. Graceland Cemetery

Graceland Cemetery is a living museum. It’s a genuine hidden gem and one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets! Graceland is in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago’s north side. The architectural intricacies are the most impressive aspects of Graceland. There are a few noteworthy statues as well. An audio commentary is available on the Graceland website. So, you can stroll through the shady green space while learning about Chicago’s fascinating past. It’s a massive area. As a result, you could also appreciate it on a Divvy bike.

7. Maxwell Street Market

When you step into this market, you’ll understand why it’s unique… Part fresh produce market, part swap meets, and all delicious Mexican cuisine. It has the best and freshest Mexican cuisine in Chicago. Manola’s Tacos are our favorite. You won’t find your corn tortillas hand-pressed anywhere else before they’re put in front of you on the griddle. Behind the counter, rotisserie-style meats aerate. There is a lengthy delay for food here! As is true of any great Chicago restaurant. I enjoy coming here in the autumn and spring. When it’s a little chilly outside and you can enjoy the warmth of our food.

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