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Need some quick Skyrim levels? These skills can be leveled quickly, allowing each player to obtain a few extra benefits.

The skill tree system in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the game’s defining aspects, allowing players to design a character and progress through the game in any way they see fit. Its shift to a skill-based structure and distinctive bonuses made it significantly more accessible and entertaining to go through than prior Elder Scrolls games, allowing the game to evolve into the phenomenon that it is today.

While the concept works effectively, it is far from fair and equitable, allowing certain designs to be significantly more powerful and profitable than others. More and more exploits to the system have also been uncovered over the years, which perhaps contributes significantly to the game’s attractiveness. Here are some of the simplest skills to level up quickly in Skyrim, as, while not the most strong, they may be readily employed by players to advance through the levels and unlock additional perks in their selected skill trees.


Illusion, one of the less popular schools of magic among players, contains several unexpectedly useful spells that can be useful independent of build path. Muffle is an excellent tool for sneak-based players, while spells like Rout, Harmony, and Mayhem, among others, can be effective in practically any battle scenario.

Illusion is an extremely simple skill to power level because players may easily obtain the Muffle spell and spam it to level the skill astonishingly quickly. When the skill reaches level 50, purchasing and spamming the Rally spell on NPCs becomes even faster because they are no longer affected. The skill will also level swiftly if you use the spells for their intended purpose in combat, but if you’re just trying to level up, Illusion has some amazing workarounds.


Speech is one of the simplest abilities to level in Skyrim and one of the most useful to have at a high level. Selling looted things from exploration and quests will level Speech fairly quickly at low levels, and the added gold will surely help.

Leveling speech increases much faster with bribery and persuasion attempts to get out of crimes committed. If players level up the talent and gain the Bribery skill perk. It may not be the quickest talent to power level, but it is one of the simplest to level in the background and has some important advantages.


Creating weapons and armor is the greatest way to obtain the game’s strongest goods. And players will require a high degree of Smithing to make specific items and enhance them to an acceptable level. Leveling smithing will involve some resource collection up front. But once players have them, there are simple ways to power-level the ability.

Most players would have made the beginner mistake of making iron daggers since they are the cheapest. However gold rings will yield the most XP because Smithing levels faster dependent on the worth of the manufactured item. Mining for gold at a mine like Kolskeggr Mine will be the quickest way to gather the requisite resources, after which you can simply create as many gold rings as you can and sell them to make a nice profit while simultaneously leveling the Speech skill.

Light/Heavy Armor

Light or Heavy Armor is another simple talent to level up in the background, depending on your build. While players are exploring and completing quests and dungeons, these will level steadily in the background. The more combat you have, the higher your skill level will be.

Finding a swarm of low-level foes, such as an easy bandit camp or even Skeevers. And simply standing there while they assault, is the quickest way for players to power level the talent. It may not be the most interesting or fulfilling experience, but it will suffice. Concurrent leveling and restoration is an excellent strategy to maximize XP gain.


Pickpocket is one of the most pleasant skills to level in Skyrim. And it is considerably easier to level than people might assume. A high Pickpocket level makes it incredibly easy to gain quick cash, obtain keys, or simply annoy the NPCs by stealing their weapons or clothing.

The talent will level quickly at initially by grabbing low-value objects like as lock picks and keys. And this is a completely feasible strategy to max it out. Players will gain more XP for stealing more valuable objects, which is considerably easier to do at higher levels. Gold and precious stones are the ideal targets, and stealing gold from skill trainers is an excellent way to gain even more XP while leveling many skills for free.


Enchanting is a key element of any player’s armory in Skyrim, as it is the only way to obtain the greatest gear in the game. Reducing spell costs and potency for mages, increasing damage and resistances for warriors, and anything in between. At high levels, good enchantments become nearly required, making them possibly the most versatile talent in Tunnel Rush game.

The best way to level the talent is to disenchant any loot obtained from quests or exploration. This grants a large amount of XP, allowing players to quickly progress through the early levels. This strategy will not get a character to 100 Enchanting, but it will perform most of the work. Enchanting items can be used to get additional levels, which requires some soul stones but is a very rewarding task.


Alteration, another unassuming school of magic, is possibly the quickest and easiest talent to level without utilizing any horrible exploits. This spells are incredibly useful for any class, with Flesh spells being some of the most powerful in the game. Especially higher-level variants like Ebony Flesh.

There are two methods for swiftly leveling Alteration. The first employs no exploits and can be quite handy for people wishing to level up their smithing. Get the Transmute Mineral Ore spell from the Halted Stream Camp bandit camp north of Whiterun. Then acquire as much Iron Ore as you can from mines and blacksmiths. The spell will convert the iron ore to silver, then gold. Which can then be used to produce and sell gold rings.

The second is a bit of an exploit, but it’s frighteningly effective and doesn’t rely on any defects or unintended features. Spamming the Detect Life spell in the heart of Whiterun, Solitude, or any other crowded region can quickly take a player from 15 to 100, and can be accelerated even further with enchanted gear and effects like Well Rested or Lover’s Comfort.

Skyrim is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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