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As per statistics, 80% of users spend more time than 2 hours a week watching online videos. Are you thinking of introducing a video strategy into your business? Adding corporate video to your social media will make your audience 10 times more likely to engage and share your posts. This is also called recruiting video, which refers to the video shared in the public domain designed t focus on your culture, company and your employees as a whole. Corporate videos are a prime HR tool that attracts your company’s brightest and best talents. It paves a quicker path for your website visitors. It helps with building brand credibility, gives you a scope to show the human side of your company differently and helps your business with getting connect with viewers on an emotional level. You can apply various approaches to your corporate video. Videos that you create can be viral, inspiring, funny, touching, or serious. It all depends on what impression you want to convey through your corporate video to your audience.

  1. Concentrate on the main message

Effective presentation and communication are vital to enhancing the value of your company. The message you are trying to convey should be relevant and simple. Your ‘impressive stats’ are not particularly useful information for your audience. Your message should start with what you wish to communicate and consider ending with what you wish your audience to remember. Also, add creative concepts since this is where your brand will really come to life. Why not take a look at creative corporate video examples that inspire you? Treat the concept as an important aspect t your video strategy, as without it, your video will be an utter failure.

  1. Pick a purpose and develop stories around it

Not every corporate video will serve you the same purpose; thus, you cannot expect them to be the same. While some videos are built to attract new customers, others are designed to get new employees. The purpose of some videos tends to be selling or promoting a product, while on the other hand, it is about raising the brand awareness of the company as a whole. While picking purposes and building stories on it, consider considering what the pay for assignment company offers and how you may include it in the video. Using customer testimonials can be an excellent way of showing people your products and customer services. Employee testimonials are a powerful way of hiring new employees. Providing well-detailed overviews of products may help prospective customers learn more about the product and thus help you make informed purchasing decisions. Try uploading “How to” videos and explainers to show a range of expertise in the field and give valuable lessons to your customers. Consider making a short documentary on the client that helps you highlight the features of your products or services.

  1. Try perfecting the script or storyboard

Storyboards are used for creating animated videos. It is proved to be an excellent way to organise ideas but also a great way of visualising them. By creating a visual of the sequence of events of videos, your business can easily discover potential ways of developing or changing the stories of a video. Applying this pre-production strategy will help in making your videos look great.

  1. Always use the right channels to share videos

Just creating and producing the video content will not be enough. It is also essential that it brings enough exposure. Thus sharing your videos is vital. How people choose to interact with your video content depends on the marketing channel or social platform you are choosing to share your video content. Whether you are natively uploading the video to Facebook or simply using the video in an email, you must optimise the title, description and call to action of videos accordingly.

  1. Keep your script short and sweet

When it comes to video scriptwriting, less is always more. Consider finding ways for how all the information pieces can be summarised in 2-3 minutes or how to make it succinct.

Consider focusing on your video’s core points and avoid adding irrelevant information to the video content. Adding unnecessary information to the video content is never recommended unless you do it tastefully. When creating an instructional video, you may be tempted to bombard your audience with more information than necessary. However, if you use repetition in the right way, you can enhance its memorability.

Try out these tips to make your script precise:

  • Make sure to avoid redundancy or fluff words from your video content
  • Avoid using complicated words
  • Ensure every part of the script stays relevant to the general purpose of the video
  • Avoid unnecessary repetitions
  1. Respect your viewer’s time

It’s already been proven in statistics that you are bound to lose more viewers when your video is longer than two minutes.   Do you remember the famous saying of Mark Twain? – “I’d write you a shorter letter, but I don’t have time’. When you are discussing off-topic material, it will waste the time of everyone. Concentrate on investing your effort and time in honing your message before getting into production. Make sure to include the most salient points in your video.

  1. Use the right tools

Nobody likes to watch videos with poor-quality sound, amateur lighting and tedious editing. You will fail to engage your audience. So do make your video to be that video. You will need the support of the right tools to produce a sophisticated and engaging video. This includes good editing software, a good camera, and professional sound and lighting equipment. Unless you want to make a cheap-looking video or want your audience to see your bargain-bin mentality with your products and services, you cannot skimp on the necessary tools. It is a must to select a team with access to all the latest production video equipment that allows you to create professional-level corporate videos.

  1. Know all the latest trends

Digital media is constantly changing, so you must do the necessary research to ensure all your corporate videos reflect the current trends in marketing. This will help you stay relevant with your audience. You may consult Next Thought Studios, which is equipped with a professional team of experts who are familiar with all the marketing trends and latest tools and thus can assist you with showing the story more succinctly. They will identify your audience and help you engage with audiences with a state-of-art-corporate video.

  1. Add an effective call to action

Make sure to add a strong call to action that urges your viewers to perform all the necessary steps you wish them to take. When creating a corporate video with a good story and relevant information that your target customers require, your call to action will more likely become more convincing and effective for them.


Corporate videos are meant to raise brand videos which can also be seen as marketing videos. Corporate videos are also designed to build team spirit amongst the employees in the company. They have their own purpose, like showing a new product or making people familiar with a certain brand. It can become an important instructional tool. Following certain tips when creating a corporate video will help you improve the exposure of the brand to more potential clients. It also helps with increasing overall productivity in a company.

AUTHOR BIO: Joanna Miller has worked on a wide range of videos ranging from corporate commercials to long-form documentaries. She is also associated with, where she specialises in offering business management do my homework help solutions to MBA students. Joanna also offers detailed tutoring lessons on how to create & edit marketing videos.

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