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Every barista has a set of tools that are essential to the success of any cafe. Nailing that perfect cup of coffee requires a particular set of skills, of course, as well as patience and experience, but having the proper barista tools on hand can make all the difference.

1. Coffee Tamp
A coffee tamp has two main parts, the handle and the base, and is used to lightly pack or tamp your coffee grounds into your machine’s portafilter. A good tamp is important, as this affects the way your espresso shot pours.

Too much tamping will have you end up with some pretty bitter coffee, whereas too little pressure in your tamping can result in one that’s more water than actual coffee.

In many commercial settings and locations, calibrated tamps are more commonly used. These calibrated tamps make the barista’s job easier by allowing you to set the amount of pressure you want applied. This calibration ensures that each cup of coffee you make is more consistent in terms of quality.

2. Steaming Pitcher
Steaming pitchers or milk frothing pitchers are used primarily in manual milk frothing. The reason milk is steamed is to help create that smooth silky texture that you often find in lattes and cappuccinos. So if your go-to coffee cup is either of those two, then you’ll need to get a steaming pitcher to use for your home brew.

3. Knock Box
Also sometimes called a knock bin, bash bin, or waste tube, the knock box is usually square or round with a bar that crosses the center at the top of the box. Usually made of either stainless steel or plastic, this bin is used to store all the used espresso grounds.

Knock boxes are especially useful if, say, you want to immediately make another shot of espresso without having to travel to your waste bin to dispose of the used grounds. That way, you can quickly make your double-shot.

4. Milk Thermometer
How do you know that your steamed milk is at the right temperature? With a milk thermometer, of course! Getting the right temperature is especially important when it comes to creating that satisfying cup of coffee. This is because at the right temperature of around 60-65°C, the milk’s sugar and proteins are perfectly caramelized. Any hotter than that, and the milk ends up getting burnt.

Grab Those Essential Barista Tools Today!
There are other barista tools that are also important, but not as essential as these four when it comes to brewing and making that quintessential cup of coffee.

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