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As milk is one of the most important beverages in our diet, the dairy sector is becoming one of the most important sectors globally. India is a well-known producer and consumer of milk in the world. The dairy sector is one of the crucial pillars in providing rural employment. Poor and landless farmers earn their major source of income from the dairy sector. So, Murrah pashu is best know for its milk production in the dairy sector. 

Cattle Feed: Basic and Necessary Nutrients

The body structure of a buffalo is specific and different in a manner that it requires carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and minerals. So, All these nutrients are given to them through chana, churi, grass, barsim, etc.

  • Carbohydrate

It is one of the most essential nutrients as it is the main source of energy. Green fodder, husk, etc. are some of the sources of carbohydrates. 

  • Protein

It is one of the essential nutrients which is responsible for the growth of cells. Protein helps in increasing milk production. During the reproduction period, protein is require in adequate amounts for a buffalo. Also, Khal, fali, gwar, and pulses are some major sources of protein.

  • Fat

The products which cannot dissolve in water like oil, butter, etc. are called fats.

Fats are one of the important components of cell building in the body. The fat that is present around the cells is use as one of the sources of energy. Sarso, binola, alsi, etc. are types of Khal that are major sources of fats and are give with husk fodder to the buffalo. 

  • Minerals

Minerals are require for the formation of red blood cells and to transfer oxygen to each and every cell of the body. Also, There are minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, magnesium, copper, etc. that are require in accurate amounts. Lack of calcium results in less production of milk. The normal fodder which is give to the buffalo is not enriched with proper nutrients. So, it is require to provide all the essential minerals from sources other than fodder.

Characteristics of Good Cattle Feed

The quality and proportion of feed are essential in the diet of cattle. This means, whichever fodder is provided to the cattle, the amount and quality should be in the right proportion. For instance, if only fodder is give, then the right mixture of Khal should be mixed. It should be noted that whatever food is provide, it should be easily digestible by the cattle.

Sudden changes in cattle feed lead to indigestion and stomach-related problems. Instead, it is recommend by the cattle expert that slow and gradual change can be done in the cattle diet. Especially,  during the phase of pregnancy, proper monitoring of nutrients is require.

Some Essential Cattle Feed Items 

  • Khal

As it is difficult for the cattle to digest the fodder alone, it is most preferably given with the Khal. The major used khal are binola, sarso, and soybean as they help in the improvement of immunity and milk production.

  • Pellets

It is one of the most digestible items you can feed to the cattle.  Also, it is easily available in the market. Pellets can be easily prepare from sun-dried alfalfa and Bermuda hay. The hay is prepare under controll conditions that increase palatability. Also, there are many benefits of pellets like no dust hay and easier to store and handle. 

  • Churi

According to the Animal Husbandry Department, the addition of churi in cattle feed helps milk production. Churi is rich in dietary fiber and proteins. So, It is a healthy alternative to soybeans and also helps to maintain the cholesterol and sugar levels of cattle.

  • Silage

Silage is prepare from green foliage crops like gram, sorghum, oat, peas, leguminous plants, etc. So, It is also know as pickle pastures.

Some Key Tips to Rear the Cattle

  • Hygiene Conditions

Cattle owners should give their animals the required protection from conditions like bad weather, unhygienic places, etc. 

  • Health Care

Regular immunization is require for cattle due to the changing environment. Also, Proper veterinary treatment is require to keep the cattle healthy.

  • Shelter 

Proper shelter keeps the cattle safe from unfavorable weather conditions. Grazing is also essential but leaving the cattle in open grounds could lead to the chances of diseases of BRDC (Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex). Avoid making their shelter in the muddy areas as it restricts the desired warmth to enter the cattle body and it may lead to diseases like foot roots or thrush.

  • Feeding Patterns

While feeding a buffalo, observe its eating habits and behavior in order to analyze whether the specific food items are suitable for them or not. Analyzing their feeding habits and patterns will help you to feed them the right food in the required quantity. 


Good quality feed is essential for buffalo as it is an immunity booster. Lack of nutritious food makes the buffalo vulnerable to diseases. Just like humans require nutritious and quality food, animals also require feed including appropriate nutrients so that they can stay healthy and provide a better yield to the farmer. Murrah bhains is one of the most important cattle in the dairy sector and is well know for its yield of milk. So, To buy Murrah bhains online, you can check out the website of MeraPashu360.

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