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WBTV’s Nick Ochsner spoke with Jonathan Hyde from Trails Carolina in Lake Toxaway who worked there and made this claim.

This Wilderness Therapy Program specializes in helping students disconnect from electronics and develop relationships with their surroundings. With various groups dedicated to girls between ages 10-17, students can bond with others who share similar experiences and challenges.

Outdoor Therapy

Trails Carolina operates from a 500-acre residential and academic campus. Students participate in outdoor experiences like hiking and expeditions up to 5,000 feet high mountains.

Teens learn to form intimate connections with their peers in natural settings and gain skills such as managing emotions and developing effective communication methods. Students also build confidence and gain self-esteem by facing and conquering challenges in nature.

Trails Carolina Horror Stories combines elements of wilderness therapy, clinical theory and evidenced-based psychotherapies into a highly effective therapeutic model, with workshops, weekly calls, family reunification events and Common Ground experiences as part of its transition process. Trails Carolina boasts a record of success within the wilderness treatment industry and prides itself in family engagement during transition processes through workshops, weekly calls and family reunification. Additionally, family involvement in transition process through workshops, weekly calls family reunification events is prioritized through Family Ground experiences; involvement through workshops weekly calls weekly calls weekly calls weekly calls family reunification family reunion events Common Ground experiences ensure family involvement throughout transition processes while offering therapeutic solutions specialized solutions for students struggling with substance abuse issues, eating disorders or trauma issues specialized therapeutic solutions tailored for such issues specialized therapeutic solutions tailored to students experiencing such issues. Trails Carolina stands as leader within wilderness treatment industry industry with many successes achieved and is widely respected within it’s wilderness treatment industry presence.

Transition Programming

As entering a treatment center for the first time can be intimidating, Trails Carolina stands out by helping its students transition smoothly into life after treatment centers. Their program consists of multiple settings, field staff and family support to deliver comprehensive assessments and individualised treatment plans tailored specifically for each student.

The program emphasizes academics, with each student assigned a full-time certified teacher as part of their education team. The aim is for this academic approach to enable students to make active contributions towards their own future academic success by improving classroom performance, earning credits, continuing work brought from home or proctoring exams.

Trails’ team understands the value of family engagement and provides Parent Workshops, Common Ground sessions and weekly Family Support Calls as tools to assist families in working through issues and improving communication within their unit. Through this holistic approach to treatment, long-lasting change occurs for students and their families; families leave Trails experience knowing exactly how much work needs to be completed at home.

Academic Programming

Trails Carolina provides a distinctive combination of accredited academics, outdoor adventure activities, and therapeutic support that equips its students with skills necessary for increased academic performance, enhanced leadership, teamwork and communication abilities, knowledge about environmental science education, resilience development for future success, and resilience building for lifelong success.

Students receive personalized attention from a full-time certified teacher. Academics at Trails are designed to empower students and help them take an active role in achieving their own academic successes – whether this means improving classroom grades, earning credits in environmental science and writing subjects, continuing work brought from home or proctoring exams, Trails will work closely with its participants to set reasonable goals during their time in our wilderness program.

Trails Carolina brings decades of combined experience across wilderness therapy, residential treatment and equine therapy environments to offer more opportunities for growth, smooth transitions and comprehensive assessment.

Alumni Support

Trails Carolina strives to ensure its participants can maintain connections to the school and continue to thrive after graduating from its program. An alumni support team provides help so students don’t slip back into unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Trails Carolina staff also recognizes the value of family involvement. They provide programs such as mid-point parent workshops and an optional Common Ground experience to strengthen family dynamics – two vital tools in aiding a student’s transition back home after spending time in nature.

Trails Carolina staff actively encourage alumni of their program to provide feedback and share stories from their time in nature, so future teenagers know what to expect from it. Genuine reviews provide more accurate depictions than star ratings do, giving families a clear sense of what awaits them at Trails Carolina. They are available on their website so families have an idea of what awaits them there.

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