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Cleaning up our environment, house and ourselves is a natural part of adulthood. We all have to cope and learn how to keep our homes and ourselves clean if we wish to be functioning adults who live independently. While we all agree that cleaning up is tedious and time-consuming, we can also agree that it does not have to be that way. With a change of attitude, and some practical tips&tricks, cleaning up can become a breeze. All the while leaving you with more time and energy to dedicate to more meaningful things.

1. One room per day

Cleaning your entire house or apartment in one go is exhausting, time-consuming and tedious. When you leave your chores to pile up alongside dust, mold, trash etc you are only prolonging the inevitable. Cycling thru your room cleaning keeps things and rooms fresh through the week. Each room has its nuances when it comes to cleaning.

Bedrooms and living rooms have windows and curtains, the bathroom has mold removal, kitchens have dishes and garbage, etc. When you clean your home room by room, you will always have a pristine place to hang out, and you will not get stuck in a routine or feel overwhelmed. Partially approaching the problem makes it easier to solve!

2. Daily, weekly and monthly tasks

If you cannot stand chores piling up and wish to live in a constantly fresh environment, you can do something every day. A brush a day keeps the mess away, as we always say. You can do something small which will significantly impact your quality of life. For example, brushing the windows can be done on day one. Vacuuming and jogging the floor is day two.

Doing the laundry and curtains is day three. Dusting and you are done, is reserved for day four. Bigger adventures are best done once per week. Deep carpet cleaning and bathroom rinsing are both great examples. As with our first suggestion, the goal here is to partially approach the problem of cleaning thus making it easier to chew in bite-size chunks.

3. Hire pros                                                     

Plan B in each case is to put all your time, energy and supplies on paper and calculate if it’s worth doing the entire cleaning process alone. Sometimes you will be short on time. In other cases, you simply cannot be asked to clean. Whatever the case may be, you can always reach out to a professional and recommend end of lease cleaning service, which can get the job done for you in no time. Many people hesitate to reach out because they find the upfront cost expensive. But when you put it all on paper, your costs add up, and you will soon realise that asking for help is not as bad or expensive as you first thought.

4. Tools at your disposal

Cleaning may take time and energy if you are working with dated, broken or wrong cleaning utensils. You may not even realise that all that extra energy and time you put into cleaning is because your cleaning supplies are dated. We are not advocating breaking your budget and getting the latest and greatest. Usually, the mid-tier offers are great and can help you out with cleaning.

A quality vacuum can make all the difference in the world. Sometimes you wish to be done with your carpets in a second. A good washing mashing or a dishwasher saves you incredible time and money. Even eco-friendly cleaning supplies can make your home shine brand new.

5. Take a day to rest and recharge

Even God took one day off after all his hard work, and you should follow in his example. Basking in your good work and taking time to soak in your cleaning accomplishments is equally important as cleaning up. You are not productive each day. It’s okay to take a self-care day. You can reflect and plan your downtime or unwind and enjoy the smells and sights of a pristine home. Your sparkling haven from the world.

Taking care of yourself and your home is what separates kids from adults. Living in a well-maintained haven, free from germs and diseases is a clear sign of a functioning adult and an organised mind! Mental and physical health start with that first stroke of the broom!

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