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Azure’s cloud services promote corporate expansion, not to mention the savings of cost and flexibility it offers. The expanding popularity of Azure makes it important for IT professionals. The Azure Administrator certification provided by Microsoft helps people get used to Azure. 

To get the role or advance in your profession, you are required to pass the certification exam. Nearly all aspects of IT include the cloud. Therefore, the cloud must be a part of your skills if you want to compete effectively in Information Technology. The certification is for those who desire to change their roles or improve their existing professions. This blog will tell you all about the AZ 104 training and certification.

What is AZ-104 Certification?

The AZ-104, or Microsoft Administrator exam, is predominantly made for executives with at least six months of Azure professional experience. It is also for those with a sound understanding of Azure’s essential services, Azure security, Azure administration, and workload. It is worth noting that Microsoft artificial intelligence also plays a vital role in the cloud.

The certified individuals oversee managing the business cloud infrastructure. Adding to tasks like setup, management, and resource control, this calls for storage, virtual networks, configuring identity, administration, and cloud computing. It also involves tracking, scaling, and safeguarding resources. PowerShell, Azure Portal, Azure CLI, and Azure Resource Manager Templates are also necessary platforms to learn. In the US, this certification would cost USD 165. However, depending on where you are, it could differ. It’s important to note that this exam is available in thirteen languages.

AZ-104 Exam Objectives

There are five exam objectives for the AZ-104 Microsoft certified professional certification:

  • Administer identities and governance in Azure
  • Manage and deploy Azure computing resources
  • Manage and implement storage
  • Tracking and backup of Azure resources
  • Set up and control virtual networking

Requirements for Certification

You must be familiar with operating systems, storage, ARM architectures, Azure sites, cloud computing, virtualization, and networking. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable in the following:

  • Installing and configuring OS
  • Active Directory that covers domains, domain managers, forests, and backups
  • Translation that covers VMs, virtual drives, and networks
  • Warehouse
  • Cloud security and infrastructure
  • Inhibition management, including recovery and backup

Strategies for the Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

The AZ 104 training and exam can be challenging, with lengthy questions. But they are all multiple-choice. A lot of effort and practice would be required to pass this exam. The following advice may help you obtain the certification:

  • You need to be eager to learn and unafraid of failure.
  • Select a Microsoft-recommended certification route.
  • Schedule the exam before studying. This strategy will spur you to work more on your studies and keep you alert.
  • You can sign up for a free Azure trial membership and start working as you learn.
  • Set aside time to study every day.
  • Take paid practice exams; these will help you with your preparation. And you’ll feel more assured.

Azure Administrator Certification Benefits

  • Focus on Cloud: Businesses are increasingly adopting the cloud, and the public cloud is worth billions globally. Cloud has become a standard for industries and businesses. Any firm that wants to manage its extent of technological responsibilities in the digital era seeks the cloud. Cloud models for businesses offer convenient and comprehensive internet access to a shared set of computer resources, including networks, servers, services, applications, etc. Get Microsoft certification training if you want to land a cloud-based job.
  • Easy to Understand and Adapt: Being the most extensively used OS in the world, Windows is easy to understand and adapt to, giving Microsoft considerable market domination. The most traditional design of the platform, administration responsibilities, and distribution are all Azure-driven. Azure’s seamless integration can also be advantageous for developers using the .NET platform. This helps users concentrate effortlessly on app development rather than looking for various cloud firms that offer integration.
  • Workplace Adaptability: A job in cloud computing requires Microsoft Azure credentials, which can provide flexible employment options. In addition, around the world, many cloud computing specialists hold Microsoft certifications.
  • Services that Satisfy Necessities: Microsoft’s cloud service also offers its customers administrative tools to test out the processes without hassles. Due to this, it’s not always necessary to limit cloud architecture to large organizations. Thanks to its utility, people are increasingly attracted to reliability, service levels, and upgrades. Therefore, it is more important than ever to try Microsoft certification courses.
  • Greater Salary: Higher wages and an excellent market reputation are significant additional benefits of Microsoft Azure certification. You may steadily raise your compensation by taking Microsoft online courses. Top annual wages are available for Microsoft Azure-certified professionals in management roles.


You could become an Azure Administrator through the AZ 104 training and pass the exam. This intermediate-level certification demonstrates your mastery of Azure identity and governance management. It demonstrates your proficiency in setting up and managing storage and your ability to set up and manage Azure Computing resources. Furthermore, the certification may improve your career by helping you get a better job at a better salary package. You’ll require extensive training to become certified. You may train on your own or with an instructor using free Microsoft materials. In any case, you must be committed and possess a progressive attitude.

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