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The best Asus laptops you can buy are hidden in the company’s wide range of laptops. It’s hard to know which Asus laptop is best for you, there are so many! We’ve reviewed the lineup of Asus laptops, so you don’t have to.

Asus has been incredibly successful in the battle of best and worst laptop brands. (an annual competition run by laptop manufacturers), and it’s easy to see why Asus laptops (we love dual-screen laptops) and netbooks are so innovative. Best affordable prices. Center has a high reputation in the laptop manufacturing industry.

Best Asus Laptops are known for their amazing innovations, after all, Asus is a laptop manufacturer that doesn’t want to get lost in boring laptops. But you want to stand out from the crowd and offer powerful performance while keeping the laptop lightweight and portable. As mentioned earlier we have reviewed several Asus laptops and tested their battery life. Demonstrate quality, reliability, etc. with this information. We have compiled a list of the best-reviewed Asus laptops.

1. Asus ZenBook 13 with OLED display

  • Overall the best Asus laptop.

Technical specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-1165G7 
  • GPU: Intel Iris Xe Graphics 
  • RAM: 16GB 
  • Memory: 512GB 
  • Display: 13.3-inch, 1080p 
  • Dimensions: 11.98 x 7.99 x 0.55 inches 
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

The Asus ZenBook 13 UX325 is undoubtedly one of the best Asus laptops on the market. Can we talk about battery life? I mean, this amazing machine lasted 13 hours and 6 minutes! The average laptop lasts more than 9 hours, but the Zenbook 13 UX325EA lasts more than 13 hours.

Of course, it’s not just the amazing battery life that makes this laptop great, the Asus ZenBook 13 UX325 costs less than $1,500, but it offers even better performance. (Even for light gaming.) It’s also a very comfortable keyboard that’s easy to click on. This is an often overlooked feature. A good keyboard will make your work more efficient and faster like a flash.

It also has a stunning OLED display that makes streaming Netflix/HBO Max/Hulu even more fun than you’re used to. Plus, ZenBook 13 is highly portable and can easily slip into your favorite bag.

Reason for purchase

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Over 13 hours of battery life
  • Very comfortable keyboard

Reasons to Avoid

  • There is no headphone jack.

2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16

  • Best High-Performance Gaming Laptops from Asus

Technical specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i9-11900H 
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060
  • RAM: 16GB 
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • Display: 16-inch, 2560 x 1600 
  • Dimensions: 14″ x 9.6″ x 0.8″ 
  • Weight: 42 pounds

We tested the Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 and were blown away by its performance when we put it through our gaming benchmarks. Also, the graphics are excellent thanks to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. Bright 16-inch screen with 2560p resolution.

information Other

The Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 retails for around $1,900 for the Intel Core i9 processor configuration, but there are plenty of discounts that can get you the gaming rig hundreds of dollars cheaper. If you want to lower the price even further, you should also consider a configuration with a Core i7 processor.

ROG Zephyrus M16’s battery life is decent for a gaming laptop: 6 hours and 34 minutes of autonomy. However, if you’re looking for a laptop that blows us away in terms of battery life, consider this one. Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is the next Laptop on this list.

Reason for purchase

  • Amazing performance and graphics
  • Long battery life
  • Bright 16-inch 165Hz screen

Reasons to Avoid

  • Heating

3. ASUS ProArt Studio book 15

  • Best Asus Workstation

Technical specifications

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H 
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 
  • RAM: 32GB Memory: 1TB SSD 
  • Display: 17-inch 1920 x 1200 
  • Size: 15.6-inch 4K resolution 
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds

The Asus ProArt StudioBook 15 is designed for professional content creators who need a small, compact, and powerful device to turn ideas into masterpieces.

The ProArt StudioBook 15 impressed us with its excellent performance with its Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM for multitasking and an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU with an impressive 4K panel that makes video and photo editing a breeze. Be enthusiastic while working hard. Quality of work.

Reason for purchase

  • Stunning 4K screen
  • High performance and graphics
  • Stylish and lightweight design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Battery life could be better.

4. ASUS ZenBook 13

  • Best Asus Laptop With Touch Bar That Doubles As A Screen

Technical specifications

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10510U 
  • GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® MX250 
  • RAM: 16 GB 
  • Storage: 512 SSD 
  • Display: 13.3 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels 
  • Dimensions: 11.89 x 7.42 inches 
  • Weight: 7.42 inches

If you’re looking for a multitasking beast, check out the Asus ZenBook 13. Multitask at your own pace with a touchpad that doubles as a split-second display. On the touchpad when taking notes in Microsoft Word on the home screen. Business users can fully immerse themselves while listening to Spotify open on the touchpad.

Asus ZenBook 13 also has a beautiful light blue chassis that attracts attention with its bold and attractive colors. The laptop also has Amazon Alexa support, and content creators and peripheral enthusiasts will appreciate that the ZenBook 13 has a plethora of connectivity ports and data transfer options.

Reason for purchase

  • A touch panel works as a display.
  • Beautiful blue body
  • Excellent selection of contacts

Reasons to Avoid

  • The screen may light up.

5. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14

  • Best Asus Laptops with Fast AMD Processors

Technical specifications

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 4700u 
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Integrated Graphics 
  • RAM: 8GB 
  • Memory: 512 SSD 
  • Display: 14-inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 8.6 x 0.72 inches 
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

Reason for purchase

  • Super fast file transfer speed
  • Fast video conversion
  • Excellent selection of contacts

Reasons to Avoid

  • The screen may light up.

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