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Mumbai is renowned for its colorful culture and bright colors; the classic paithani saree is a must-have for every wardrobe. Ompaithani is a company that specializes in handcrafted, one-of-a-kind paithani sarees. Learn more by reading on!

Ompaithani- the best place to buy paithani sarees in Mumbai

One of the greatest sites to purchase Paithani sarees in Mumbai is Ompaithani. Here, you may find several sarees of high quality and at fair prices. This site offers a large selection of Paithani sarees, making it simple for you to find one that matches your preferences and price range.

The various styles of paithani sarees offered by Om paithani

One of the most well-known traditional sarees from Maharashtra is the Paithani. The air (or peacock) paithani, which is the most popular variety, is distinguished by its blue and green hues. Among the more well-liked designs of paithani sarees are:

  • The hue of the Kolhapur paithani is darker.
  • The Chandbali Paithani is decorated with flowers.
  • Animal motifs are used to embellish the Shikargarh Paithani.

Why paithani sarees are the best choice for Indian weddings

Indian weddings have a long tradition of wearing paithani sarees, and there are numerous reasons why they are the finest option:

Beautiful and gorgeous Paithani sarees let the bride look her best on her wedding day.

The bride won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in her saree for the wedding ceremony or reception because paithani sarees are incredibly pleasant to wear.

Because paithani sarees are sturdy and long-lasting, the bride can keep her saree as a treasured remembrance of her big day.

How to care for your paithani saree

One of the most delicate and exquisite forms of sarees is the paithani sarees. They are fashioned from paithani silk, a special variety of silk that is only produced in a few locations in India. The majority of Paithani sarees include elaborate decorations in many colors.

Follow these guidelines to maintain the condition of your paithani saree:

You should only dry clean paithani saris. Never wash it in water because the fragile fabric will be harmed.

– Take care when keeping your paithani saree in storage. It should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to keep it cool and dry.

– Before wearing your paithani saree, have it professionally pressed. If this is done, the fabric will look nicer.


Look no further than Ompaithani if you’re looking for the best store in Mumbai to buy paithani sarees. You can select a piece that will draw attention to their extensive collection of magnificent saris from different regions of India. These items are essentials for any wardrobe because of their high quality and elaborate designs. Why then wait? Today, treat yourself to one of these classic beauties by going to Ompaithani!

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