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Although there is no specific time of year to do small renovations at home, it is indeed in summer and the first weeks of autumn when most people prefer to get to work, mainly because the weather is better and it is less likely to let it rain.

However, autumn is the ideal time to review our home and check if it is necessary to make any arrangements to prepare it well for the cold of winter: check if the doors and windows close properly, if the heating works properly, or even if It is necessary to apply a coat of paint.

To paint the house

If what you are looking for is to renew the paint on the facade of your house, we recommend that you wait until late spring or summer, since the good weather and low probability of rain will guarantee a perfect finish. 

On the other hand, if you need to apply a good coat of paint to the walls inside your home, fall is a good time to leave your house spotless for winter.

Facade arrangements

Although we have already advised against painting the outside of your home, what experts do recommend that you do is carefully check the facade of your home in search of possible cracks through which rain can infiltrate and cause humidity inside your home.

If this is your case, go to a professional to cover them and to check that these fractures are not a symptom of a bigger problem that you should fix before the temperatures drop.


About the previous point, one of the main aspects that you should monitor to protect yourself well from the cold winter in your home is that the insulation of your home is ideal.

According to Waterloo renovations experts, thermal insulation allows the temperature inside your home to remain stable, regardless of the weather outside.

In this way, you will spend less on heating, so having a good insulation system will translate into less expense on the bill.

Go to a professional to check the thermal insulation of your home in search of possible problems that may prevent you from maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

In addition, it may be proposed to carry out some installations to reinforce the insulation system.

Changes in the decoration

Renovations are not only works at home, you can also take advantage and change the arrangement of the furniture in any of your rooms or renew some furniture, such as a sofa, a mattress, or even a bed.

Autumn is the ideal time since the temperatures are still pleasant to be able to go out to visit furniture or appliance stores and buy what you need.

Thus, you will enter winter with a new air in your home, plus, given that we spend more time at home at that time of year, you will be able to enjoy your new furniture to the fullest.

Heating and air conditioning systems

Autumn is a good time to call a professional technician and check the boiler, as well as the radiators or your air conditioning system, depending on the system you have in your home.

In this way, you will be able to fix small defects or failures that could pose a serious problem in the middle of winter and tune up your heating system to resist the arrival of cold weather.

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