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Wondering about changing the name on the British Airways flight ticket? Fear not; under exceptional situations, British Airways permits name change or modification requests that involve understanding name change policy and process. Changing a name on the flight ticket is ideally not possible as per the standard airline guidelines. However, there are some situations where British Airways allows minor name changes or corrections. It’s crucial to know about the conditions and restrictions related to British Airways name change to ensure a smooth travel experience. 

Requirements for British Airways Name Change on Flight Ticket 

Below are the key requirements and points to bear in mind before initiating a name change under the British Airways change name policy. 

  • British Airways does not allow name changes on tickets for the flight segments reserved with the Executive Club Mileage points. 
  • Changing the complete name is not possible. In such a situation, travelers must cancel the current booking and process a refund. Book a new flight ticket under the correct name. 
  • Passengers can correct most mistakes for free by calling the airline’s customer service when British Airways operates all flights on the itinerary. 
  • Travelers might need to pay the additional fee in case the taxes, fuel surcharges, or fees have increased since they purchased the flight ticket. 
  • The airline might ask you to provide documentary evidence to justify the name change. 
  • Name modification on the flight ticket purchased via a third party can be possible by calling the third party directly. 
  • Passengers cannot modify their name on API (Advanced Passenger Information), as doing this won’t show on the e-ticket. 
  • Once you complete the British Airways name change process, you should select the seat again, as it’s impossible to swap the seats between the existing and new PNR. 

How to Request British Airways Name Change?

Modifying a name on the flight ticket can be complex. However, you can make the vital changes with a few easy steps. This section of the reading will help you with the procedure of correcting a name on your flight ticket. Following are the instructions to request a name change on British Airways flight tickets via different mediums: 

Approach 1: Name Change via Website (Online) 

Walk through these steps to change or alter your name online. 

  • To begin, move to the official British Airways website and sign in to your account. 
  • Hit the Manage My Booking option and provide your last name and booking number. 
  • Next, choose a flight for which you need to change the name and tap on the Edit Passenger Details tab. 
  • Then, input the new name and ensure it matches the travel document. 
  • Review the details and pay the British Airways name change fee, if any.  
  • After this, you will obtain a confirmation email from British Airways. 

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Approach 2: Name Change through Mobile App 

To alter a name through the airline’s mobile app, you should follow the instructions below. 

  • Launch the airline’s mobile app and access your account. 
  • Then, hit the Menu icon at the top left of the home screen. 
  • Choose the Manage My Booking option from the menu. 
  • Next, enter the last name and booking number. Tap the Find Booking tab. 
  • Choose the booking you need to modify. 
  • Choose the View Booking option to access the booking information. 
  • After this, move to the Passenger Details section and choose the name you need to change. 
  • Hit the Edit icon next to the name. 
  • Now, correct the name and tap the Save tab to save the updates. 

Approach 3: Name Change Over the Phone

To alter a name through the phone, you should call British Airways customer service. You should follow the steps underneath: 

  • When you connect with the airline’s representative, share the problem you are facing with your booking. 
  • Provide the booking reference number and other information to the representative. 
  • Discuss your reason for modifying the name and provide the new name you need to use. 
  • Pay the applicable fee as stated under the British Airways name change policy
  • After completing the process, the representative will send you a confirmation email. 

Approach 4: Name Change through Email

Another way to alter a name on the flight ticket is via Email. 

  • Contact the British Airways customer support team via their official email address. 
  • In the Email, you must explain the reason for the name change on the ticket. 
  • Specify the booking reference number and the present name as it appears on the flight ticket. 
  • Explain why you need to change the name, like marriage, divorce, or others. 
  • Provide the new name and supporting documentation. 
  • Wait for the response. The airline might need more details or documents to process your name correction request. 

Approach 5: Name Change via Chat 

British Airways also permits its passengers to change a name through chat. 

  • Head to the official British Airways website.
  • Then, tap the Contact Us tab at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select the Chat Now option to begin the chat session with an agent. 
  • Explain the reason for name modification and specify your booking credentials. 
  • The airline’s agent might request documents like a government-approved ID, marriage certificate, or other valid documents to justify the change. 
  • Upon confirmation, the agent will make the vital modifications to your booking and send you a confirmation. 

Final Word 

Changing the name of the flight ticket can be challenging, and it’s normally possible for minor errors. It’s crucial to check all the details carefully during flight booking to avoid problems and go through British Airways name change guidelines. If you face any trouble while requesting a name change, call the British Airways customer service number. Also, you can dial this +1-800-865-1848 third-party number to get your issues fixed.  

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