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Considering working as a developer on a freelance basis. You may have complete freedom to choose your working hours and compensation if you freelance. Let’s go over some typical difficulties, advantages, disadvantages, and trade-offs you might experience when pursuing this professional route. I hope my expertise will enable you to make a wise choice.

The Challenges of Working with Freelance Developers

Challenge 1: Steady Income

A regular income is a major benefit of having a freelancer job. You must face reality as a freelance developer. Although there isn’t really a limit to how much you can earn, your monthly revenue will fluctuate.

High and low seasons won’t always coincide at regular intervals. In other words, plan for extended times of low income, particularly in your first few years.

Pro Tips

In addition to whatever services you might offer, try your hardest to produce passive residual income. Maybe think about developing a revenue-generating app, adding discreet adverts to your website, or even starting a channel on a streaming service. Today, there are various options available.

When you are in the peak season, try to save as much as you can! If you live frugally, you’ll soon discover how much you can increase your spending without depleting your savings. You may always use an app to assist with money management!

Challenge 2: Utilizing Time Well

It’s right there in the name—of freelancing! You are in complete control of your schedule and are your own boss. This is a significant freelancing pitfall. Yes, you can begin working after 10 am, but be careful. It’s possible that you won’t produce as much as you had hoped. Unexpected events happen. Numerous things could go wrong, including your computer breaking or your internet service ceasing to function.

Pro Tips

The secret to effective time management is discipline. Understand how to say “NO” when necessary. I realize that you enjoy assisting others and fixing problems. But keep in mind that your clients will be able to tell if you’re not taking your freelance work seriously from a mile away.

Make a timetable for your workday and follow it. Even though it might not be simple, it will be immensely worthwhile. Make sure you have sufficient wiggle room to make up for any time missed if you have a compelling cause to miss work.

Challenge 3: Deliverables

Problems must be resolved by developers. Problems can be very straightforward or highly difficult, depending on the situation. Your success will depend on your ability to provide these solutions. Customers will try their best to let you know what they need. They will frequently be unsuccessful in making their argument.

Customers will try their best to let you know what they need. They will frequently be unsuccessful in making their argument. Pay close attention to every aspect, including the problem’s context and range, and make an effort to draw connections between what they say, what they mean, and what you comprehend.

Pro Tips

Be sincere with your customers. Let them know if there is no solution you can provide. You don’t have to be an expert in everything. Mutual trust develops over time, and if you feel that—despite the fact that you lack subject-matter expertise—you can overcome the learning curve to provide the answer and explain it to your clients.

Challenge 4: Developing Software Productively as a Freelancer

One of the hardest things for a freelance developer to maintain is this. It heavily depends on solving the difficulties stated above. Your productivity will frequently fail you when you need it the most and peak when you need it least (for example, during a slow season).

Pro Tips

A fruitful day requires exploration to get there. Know yourself, strike a balance between how much you require of others and how much you reward yourself, and try your best to be both the employer and the worker you would most like to work for. Your body and mind are the most crucial resources you have at your disposal to do your duties, so don’t forget to exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, and monitor your health.

Challenge 5: Keeping up with the Industry

Every day, a brand-new Javascript framework is created. Keeping up involves both learning new things and deciding which things are worthwhile to learn. Depending on the stack or target you choose while developing software, this might be quite difficult and time-consuming.

Programming languages, database options, architectures, distribution systems, update cycles, and a host of other factors vary depending on whether a platform is desktop, web-based, or mobile.

Pro Tips

Prioritize a particular goal and grow in it. Try to be a horse, a shark, or an eagle; never a duck; although it can fly, swim, and run, it will never compare to the other three. Before adding a second domain, master the first one. Trends can be quite deceptive, so use caution. It doesn’t follow that you should adore or despise the “new” thing just because everyone else does.

You’ll find some suggested beneficial connections to websites and resources for that at the end of this post. Be critical, read, compare, test, investigate, and make informed decisions. When you meticulously enhance your algorithms, you’ll get a wonderful sense of realization and purpose. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. In actuality, this is a crucial component of a positive learning environment.


As a freelance developer, you can have a highly fulfilling and gratifying career if you consistently give it your all. Even if finishing the task might not always be sufficient, you will know that you gave it everything you had. This will eventually work in your favor.

It is pure science to give an idea of life and watch it develop. It is also a lovely process to learn a new skill and put it into practice. You’ll feel a real, tangible sense of accomplishment and purpose as a result of this.

What I find so interesting about the freelance developer lifestyle is the interplay between the known and the unknown, as well as the threshold you cross to close that gap. As you master new skills, conquer yourself.

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