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Recently, passionate cannabis smokers are readily using dab rigs. However, the rigs were too expensive, and finding concentrates was a great challenge. Hence, the entire thing was complex for a majority of the people. On the contrary, you may love the rigs due to their feature of producing very high-quality vapor. So, if you are fond of dabbing, this beginner’s guide to essential dabbing tools will educate you about modern dab rigs.

The Beginner’s Guide to Dabbing Tool

Did you know that the dab tool itself does not generate smoke? The dab gets in contact with the hot dab nail to vaporize the concentrate. The article will highlight tongue and groove cladding for sheds for you.

What is a Dab?

Does dabbing inspire you? If yes, then, you should know complete details about it. Dab is a concerted form of herb or plant extract that you can vaporize, inhale and enjoy. You may find dabs in form of wax, oils, concentrates, or shatter. As it is soft and tacky it gets accumulated at the end of the tool. 

What is a Rig?

A rig is a dabbing tool that features a hot metal piece, ceramic, glass, or quartz to instantaneously atomize the concentrated herb or plant extracts. It is positioned in a glass chamber. The nail heats up to high temperatures to vaporize the dab. When the dab forms fumes, you can enjoy the hits.

Why You Should Use a Rig?

One of the very common questions you may have in mind is what is the purpose of the rigs. The answer is that these are one of the coolest ways to carry yourself. As it has become common nowadays, you may find affordable varieties in the market. Therefore, the new versions are surpassing modern vaporizers and glass pipes.

Also, you would love the rich taste that rigs support. The dab is atomized immediately to high temperatures. Hence, it ensures that the vapor quality is much superior to vape pens. So, if you want to enjoy an intense flavor, it is best for you.

Using a rig may provide you with great pleasure and delight. The dab nail is specialized in converting every bit of the concentrate into vapor. Hence, it will fully fuse through the respiratory tract and enter your bloodstream. Moreover, rigs are innovative, and a stimulating way to vary your dabbing sessions.

How to Use a Rig?

Almost a decade ago, only the rich and affluent were able to afford the rigs. However, now the launch of efficient, safe, and tiny batteries has made rigs more accessible. Similar to the portable vape, manufacturers realized the worth of rigs, and they introduced electronic nails. 

Which are the Different Types of Rigs?

Here you will find some of the most popular types of rigs:

Glass Rigs

It is one of the most common rigs that you may find in the market. As rigs have to withstand high temperatures, it features good-quality glass material. So, you can use the blowtorch to heat the banger or nail. Hence, it is made of heat-resistant material. You can choose this if you want to enjoy smoke diffusion techniques, enjoy a variety of concentrates, and enjoy good hits. It is equally good for novice and professional dabbers.

Silicone Rigs

If you are in search of a durable rig, then you may opt for the silicone version. These are much more affordable and portable. Hence, an ideal option to carry on the go. Moreover, these are dishwasher safe. You can choose this if you are looking for a disposable option that is travel-friendly and supports a creative flare.

Recycler Rigs

You would wonder what does a recycler rig mean? It is because of how the design functions. This rig cycles the vapor via the percs many times before it reaches you. If you are fond of the smoothest dabs, and customized glass rig designs, and want a classy rig, then its the right option for you.

Mini Rigs

If you want a small size and portable rig, then this one is for you. It is popular for its miniature size of 7 inches in height. Made of borosilicate glass or silicone material, you would love it for its delectable and good hits. It is an ideal option for you if you have small shelf space, prefers a compact size dab, and have a low budget.


You may opt for an electronic dab or e-rig if you are scared of using a blowtorch. These are popular for offering good temperature control. However, a few varieties may let you set an exact temperature for heating the concentrate. E-rigs usually have rechargeable batteries and are easy to maintain.

You can choose an e-rig if you want a swiftly heating dabbing tool that you can use to enjoy different concentrates. Also, you can carry it on the go, and don’t want to spend a lot on this.

Nectar Collectors

A nectar collector or dab straw is known as the offspring of a dab pen. While an e-rig can be its sibling. It is as portable as a pen which can be sourced through a blowtorch. The straw-shaped dabbing devices are a new launch in the market. It is manufactured of glass, quartz, or silicone. Hence, if you want to enjoy dabbing using a nectar collector, you need to heat up one end of it, and then gradually place the heated tip into the concentrate. This flawless hit will make you feel like a hummingbird. The simple design lacks percolators, however, it is quite easy to clean.
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