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Visa requirements are mandatory to be fulfilled so that the visa application progresses. For Denmark Schengen visa requirements, applicants must be careful when submitting documents. And know when to submit original and dummy documents. 

However, applicants can always book their flight reservations with the trusted website. It is advisable that applicants must look for the website’s authenticity when booking dummy flight tickets. Booking tickets from a reliable source are verifiable, and applicants can book without fearing fraud. 

If you find it challenging to keep track of your visa requirements, refer to the list we have made for you. 

What will you find here?

  • Guide About Denmark Schengen Visa Requirements
  • Checklist For Denmark Visa Requirements For South African Passport Holders
  • Brief Guide On How And When To Submit Dummy Tickets
  • How To Book Dummy Flight Tickets For Schengen Visa

Guide About Denmark Schengen Visa Requirements

To successfully obtain your Schengen visa, we advise applicants to pay close attention to the document checklist below and how to gather your paperwork for South African Schengen passport holders. 

Checklist For Denmark Schengen Visa Requirements:

  • Application form
  • South African passport (original and a copy)
  • Recent photographs
  • Dummy hotel booking
  • Dummy flight tickets
  • Dummy Travel insurance
  • Proof of paid visa fee
  • Cover letter
  • Proof of enough financial means

Brief Guide On How To Submit Dummy Flight Tickets For Schengen Visa

While submitting documents for Schengen visa, applicants submit all other documents correctly. But fail at submitting dummy documents. They need help understanding when is the right time to submit dummy documents. Also, they cannot differentiate between the role of original and dummy documents when the visa application process is ongoing. 

A dummy document is used instead of an original document for visa processing. Applicants must submit a dummy document because visa applications rely on these documents. Dummy documents can be used for flight tickets, hotel reservations and travel insurance. 

The process of making reservations for dummy documents is relatively more straightforward. Applicants can obtain them online and through a travel agent. For dummy documents, applicants have to make half payment. Once the visa is approved, they can make full payment. The validity of dummy flight tickets for a Schengen visa is only fifteen days. 

How To Book Dummy Flight Tickets For A Schengen Visa?

Booking dummy flight tickets for Schengen visa can no longer be difficult. You need to follow the process to make reservations, and within 24 hours, you will receive dummy documents in your email, if you book from a reliable source like Schengen Flight Reservation Visa. . 

Whether you make reservations for dummy flight tickets, travel insurance or hotel booking, it’s safe and convenient.

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