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Facebook is still a vital social network for companies who want to connect with their customers because of its segmentation capabilities, low cost per Click, and millions of users.

No matter what your goal is, whether you are promoting a physical product or a service, Facebook has the right campaign for you.

It offers a variety of advertising formats that will enable you to reach the right audience and get great results.

Facebook Ad formats:


Videos have the power to communicate stories through images, sound, and movement. They also show the features of products and services. The advertising format is more memorable and can quickly go viral. But How much does it cost to boost a Facebook post?

You have many options when it comes to creating your Facebook ads. You can view short videos anywhere you like, or longer videos in your news feed.


Photo ads are a clear and simple format with attractive images and text. High-quality illustrations or images can help you to convey who and what you are.

Facebook ads are often displayed in News Feed alongside posts from friends and family. The image must depict people using the products.


Stories are now the most popular content. The content’s full-screen vertical layout makes it easy to read and comfortable. Brands have an opportunity to grab attention on the full mobile screen.

Stories are easily seen when placed at the top of Facebook. They will also be visible while we scroll through the stories of our friends.


We can use messenger ads to encourage users to have a conversation with us, promote our products, and then send them to our site.

Ads will only appear to users who match the previously defined segmentation. You can also use the same content you already have on Instagram and Facebook to accomplish this.


This format allows you to show more information or products within a single ad. Facebook allows you to show up to ten images and videos with each link.

The advertising format allows for a lot more creativity because it offers a large amount of space. You can highlight the different features of a single product or service, or show multiple products from one company, or tell a story about your brand.


Slideshow ads on Facebook are similar to video ads. They use motion, sound, and text to tell an engaging story. This is an option that we recommend when we don’t have the resources or budget to make a video.


Collection ads combine video and multiple creatives to make them very appealing. The main image or large video is at the top, followed by four smaller images laid out in a grid.

Users can interact with any of your images and videos to be automatically directed to the landing destination you have chosen based on their configured objective.

Interactive demos for ads

Interactive demo ads let you try out an app before purchasing it or downloading it. The video ad begins with a call to action to get users who are highly interested in the app. It then offers them the opportunity to interact with the app and play a demo.

Instant experience

Instant Experiences (formerly canvas) are fast loading and optimized for mobile devices. Its design is intended to grab the attention of the user and reduce distractions.

These designs allow the audience to view photos and videos, or scroll up as if they were on a landing page.

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