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A tyre is a circular-shaped ring that allows a vehicle’s mobility by coming in contact with the ground or road. It is fitted to a vehicle rim and filled with compressed air. Since the time they were invented, most tyres have been manufactured of a natural rubber material. Tyres are used by all vehicles, from bikes and aeroplanes. For the manufacture of tyres, the tyre industry requires materials like black carbon, synthetic rubber, steel wires, etc. Tyres are crucial to the safety of both your car and you as the driver. Here, we’ve provided information about the many tyre types available in the market to help you select the tyre with the greatest efficiency that brings out the best performance of your automobile.

Types of tyres:- 

Radial Tyres

The tyre cord of radial tyres stretches from the gate to the beading at a 90-degree angle to the tyre centre line. On top of the radial piles and beneath the tread is a whole circumferentially running belt made up of multiple piles of cord and steel. The cord position of the belt is positioned at a low angle of 15 to 25 degrees. These tyres provide a uniform distribution of pressure. It also penetrates the soil very little. Additionally, radial tyres also make for great motorcycle tyres because they provide excellent traction control, puncture resistance, and stability. It provides great fuel mileage and wears down evenly.

Tubeless Tyres

As the name suggests, the tubeless type motorcycle tyres lack an inner tube. The inner liner, a type of tyre that incorporates the inner tube has an airtight barrier between the tyres and rim to prevent the air from leaking. Additionally, the inside lining of tube tyres is comprised of butyl rubber, which has extremely little air permeability, further reducing leakage.

On the other hand, Tubeless tyres are more expensive but have several benefits. The relatively sluggish rate of deflation lessens the likelihood of losing control, thus making them ideal racing bike tyres. The wheel components will be lighter, which will increase comfort and efficiency. Since there is no inner tube, there is no friction, which lengthens the tyre’s lifespan.

All Terrain Tyres

These tyres are made for cars that can go on and off the road. More precisely, this is implemented in 4-wheel drive automobiles. To complement the sturdy appearance of the car, these tyres have an aggressive and striking appearance. They function well on roads and have great traction in snow, dirt, and water. These tyres are great for on and off-the-road driving, thanks to the circumferential grooves, which are great at cleaning out mud and debris. It is an excellent choice for SUVs, trucks, towing vehicles etc.

SUV Tyres

These tyres provide cars with a boost in flair, opulent comfort, and all-season traction. These may be added to high-end crossovers, SUVs, and pickup trucks. These tyres may meet all needs. It offers the ideal fusion of comfort, style, and functionality for your automobile.

These tyres can support more weight than conventional hatchback tyres since they have a high load index. They essentially function flawlessly in any weather circumstance. Whether it is dirt, sand, dry hot pavement, or snowy, damp roads, these tyres are a great option because they are strong and long-lasting.

Performance Tyres

Performance automobiles, sporty coupes, and performance sedans are designed to utilise performance tyres. These tyres come in speed classifications of standard performance, high performance, and ultra-high performance. These tyres are ideal for drivers who like a dynamic look, outstanding high-speed performance, strong dry and wet grip, and superior longevity. They contain grooves around the circumference that capture and shed water, providing the vehicle with superior road control. Performance tyres are prone to slipping in extremely cold climates. So, these tyres must be avoided if you live where it snows.


To sum up, every vehicle has a different tyre requirement. Whether you are looking for simple motorcycle tyres or racing bike tyres, investing in better-quality tyres is always recommended. Even though there are many tyre brands available in the market, Apollo Tyres is one of the leaders in the Indian tyre industry and has the reputation of delivering the best quality tyres for all vehicles. Our radial tyres are the best motorcycle tyres, while our all-terrain tyres that are best fit for vehicles that operate both on and off the road. Visit Apollo Tyres for more details!

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