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Your car can be your identity. Many of you have successfully managed to buy a new fancy car and fulfill your dreams. The day you buy a car, you try your best to private its look. Just a unique look! Is that all? Don’t you want further specialties?

Are you aware of private number plates, which can give your car a brand-new look and uniqueness on the road?

Wondering how to get a private number plate for a car? Well, we are right here to give you every answer. We will guide you from registration to installing the new private number plates in your car. This time you do not have to be among the crowd, but you can drive a unique car on the road and have more fun.

Steps to get a private number plate for your car

If you have a new car and wondering how to add a cherry on top of the cake, then nothing can be better than private number plates. Your wish can be fulfilled with simple steps; you just have to go deeper and understand the formalities for assigning private number platesAs an owner of the car, you can register the car and get a new number plate for the vehicle. Before you start showing off on the streets, you need to understand the procedure for the same reason.

The first thing you need to do is – get a number plate for your car. This is the very primary step, which you have to do as a responsible owner of the car. Before installing a new number plate for your vehicle, register it legally. After the process is done, you can easily begin with the process of transferring the number plate and get whichever you want by the following methods:

  • Assign for a private number plate online

Once you register the vehicle officially, you will be entitled to assign a private number plate for your vehicle. Wait for the documents. In case you have all the documents required to transfer the registered plate, then online is the quickest way to get private number plates. Within five minutes, you can get a brand new private number plate for your car.

The best part of the online process is you do not have to pay any extra fees; instead, you must process all the verified documents to proceed further. Once the documents are analysed, you will be assigned a private number plate for your vehicle online.

After DVLA accepts your application, you can get the new number plate. Once you install the number plate to your vehicle, your next task is to update the new registered number to your insurance company. So they can update the new registration number of your vehicle.

  • Assign for private number plate by post

Unlike the online procedure of applying for a private number plate, you can also opt for the traditional way of getting a new number plate. After registering your vehicle, you can simply post all the paperwork to DVLA. Documents are also accepted physically by DVLA. People who are not much acquainted with online procedures or have no access to the internet can simply take advantage of this privilege. The postal facility of registering your vehicle with a private number plate is trending.

Though, assigning private number plates by post can take longer than the online procedure. Instead of five minutes, you will have to spend a few days. But you get assurance that DVLA will take care of your request once your car has a valid registered number plate and the application submitted by you is valid. After checking the vehicle’s licence history, your application will be proceeded further for assigning you a private number plate.

How to gift a private number plate of a vehicle as a gift?

If you are hoping to surprise your loved ones with something unique, there is nothing to worry about. You can follow the same process mentioned above to give a private number plate as a gift. Gifting private number plates sound unique as well.

Just like you apply for a private number plate, you need to transfer the registration to the person you want to surprise. After the registration is completed, the private number plate will be added to the certificate in the name of that respective person as a nominee.

No matter if you have your car or you want to give a surprise to your loved ones. Now all the formalities with changing the car number and the registration are a few steps away. Get your number plate for the vehicle. This will be a unique way to show up on the road. Set your dream car with one of the innovative ideas of private number plates.

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