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Draw male curly hair in just six straightforward measures! Hair is not easy to style at the most fortunate times, and counting an element like curling can be even more demanding! You may also learn many things cartoon drawing, scary drawing, pencil drawing, cool things to draw, scary drawing, creative drawing, and flower drawing. With all the different types of hair you can discover, it can be inquiring to learn how to tense curly hair! Fortunately, it isn’t satisfied if you have the right steps to follow.

How To Draw Male Curly Hair – Allow’s Reach Activated!

Stage 1

For this first stage in our direction on how to draw curled hair, we’ll begin with the method of the hair itself. To do this, we will form a curved line with many spots. These cables will form the flanks and the top of the hair. You can also begin by removing a circular shape with a pencil, where the beginning will reference where the hair will go. When you’re happy with your formation, you’re inclined to take the following step!

Step 2: Remove the front and end of the silhouette of the hair.

First, use a rounded line with the point of the chin at the bottom to create the lower part of the face. Once you’ve drawn this lower part of the face, you can extend the jagged line you used for the top and sides of the hair toward the inside of the head. This will complete the outline, and we’ll add more details and touches in the next few steps.

Step 3: Currently, you can remove the ears and shoulders.

The ears will be drawn as oval shapes on the side of the head where the hair meets the face. You can add rounded lines to the ears to show their internal structure. Once the ears are complete, you can draw more rounded shapes under the chin. This will help create the child’s neck and also the collar of his shirt. Finally, for this step, carefully draw straight lines from the neck to create the shoulders and sides of the chest.

Step 4: Draw part of the boy’s face and arms next.

This curly hair design is already starting to take shape! For this part, you’ll draw the boy’s face and arms before moving on to the final details. Start with ovals for the eyes, then use smaller dots for the pupils. You can then use simple lines to create the child’s eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Then, once you’re happy with the face, you can draw the sleeves of your shirt with straighter lines. Finally, you can finish by pulling his arms down from the sleeves.

Step 5: You can add some final details to the hair.

These details in the hair will be drawn with many small curved lines that connect. Once you’ve added those details, you’re ready for the next step! However, before you move in, you can add any details. You can change the expression on the boy’s face for an idea or add a cool pattern on his shirt. You can also enlarge or reduce the outline of your hair according to your preferences. These are just a few ideas you could try, but there are so many more you could do too! What can you think of to give your touch to this image?

Step 6: Finish your curly hair design with some color.

Step 6 in this guide is the last one and is also one of the most fun! In our reference image, we used some shades of brown for the hair while using a nice blue for the shirt. We chose these colors, but feel free to use whatever colors you like! The hair can be in different styles and colors, so you can use whatever you want to fill it in. Once you know how to color your curly hair design, you can play with your favorite art mediums and tools.

Three more tips to make styling your manly curly hair easier!

Make this male curly hair sketch easier with the help of these three tips! When creating a design, it can be good to challenge yourself but also great at playing to your strengths. If you need help with this curly male hair design, you can change it to any style you prefer. For example, you may still prefer to draw in a cartoon style.

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