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Environmentally sustainable green living is rapidly becoming a fashion. This is the housing case too.

The majority of the home is covered by a roof. This is why roofing is essential to create a greener home.

Sustainable housing is thereby defined by eco-friendly roofing.

These are seven Eco roofing options Here are 7 Eco Roofing services that you should consider.

1 Solar Roofing

This means roofing your home using solar-powered shingles.

It reduces energy bills to a minimum. It is therefore the greenest alternative.

In addition to its strength and durability, it adds aesthetics to the home. Its lightweight is an added benefit.

2 green Roofing

Also known as a Living roof It transforms the roofs into gardens.

It has many advantages, including organic insulation, air purification, and protection from fire.

In addition, there are natural aesthetics.

3 Metal Roofing

They are strong and can last for 50 years.

Metal roofs can be made from recycled metals and may be recycled.

The lighter-colored ones can help reduce energy consumption by keeping the inside cool.

Four Cool Roofs

They are light or white-colored roofs. They reflect the sun’s rays and keep the house cool.

The cooling requirements are less, which means costs for energy are lower.

It also helps extend the longevity of roofs.

5 Clay Tiles for Roofing

It is one of the oldest roof materials still being used.

Tiles made of clay require minimum maintenance and last for up to 100 years.

As cool as a roof, it can help reduce energy use.

6 Eco-Shake Roof

Although they look just like shingles of wood they are constructed from 100% made from recycled fiber.

Eco– Shakes cost less than traditional wood shingles.

In addition, their lower weight, strength, and resistance to fire are advantages over wood.

7 Wood Shakes Made of Sustainable Materials

They are strong and certain kinds of woods such as cedar can last for around forty years.

If classic elegance is what you’re looking for wood that is forests that are sustainably managed are a good alternative.


There are many benefits green roofing provides.

They differ from traditional roofing, not only in terms of environmental sustainability. eco roofing materials are stronger and more durable.

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