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The email has become a common marketing technique and has not become outdated even after the emergence of social media. Furthermore, email marketing is widely used and is still a popular way of digital marketing. As well as that, even in 2022, it is the third channel for content distribution right after the website and blog. This blog guides about email marketing basics. The types of emails and some ideas for email marketing to help your business grow.

Basics of email marketing requirements:

  • Ensure that the people you will message have permitted you to do so.
  • Add your address as a necessity in some countries.
  • Include an unsubscribe button.
  • Please respect their decision to opt-out.
  • Don’t make use of misleading headers.

Types of emails:

  1. Newsletter
  2. Behaviour
  3. Transaction
  • Newsletter:

These emails are one-sided communication that can be used for promotions and critical info about the account or the products. Additionally, a properly executed email newsletter can assist in creating brand awareness and recognition. For this type of email, a few points need to be thought of:

Type of info:

  1. Plan.
  2. CTA button.
  3. Image and text placement.
  4. Length for the content.

Audiences may differ, so it’s vital to experiment with formatting.

  • Behaviour:

Just as the name suggested, email base on consumer behaviour. When you know your consumer’s behaviour and buying patterns, it becomes easy to create relevant emails. In addition to the types of behavioural emails, a list is below:


Product review requests


Trial expiry

Product Renewal

Password change reminders

  • Transaction:

The receipts, invoices, statements, and order confirmations all can be added to email marketing. Also, they activate via user behaviour and have a high click rate. Although customers usually wait for these emails, it depends on whether the email sender wants to add a call to action.

Let’s look at some ideas for emailing:

Product illumination:

It is vital to make them aware of how your product will help them in their everyday lives. Consider a skincare brand as an example; you can explain with a step-by-step guide, including your product. This will clarify how your product will help them, and you will also provide them with additional tips that are a plus for them. Of course, the email has to be educated first; being promotional is secondary. Not only that, but also, if you wish, you can skip writing the product’s name. And make them click the link to find out. 

Reward system milestones:

This technique can be helpful if you plan to give away products that fit your budget. You can show your customer how continually buying your products can earn them points which can be redeemed later. Moreover, this point helps them get discounts while purchasing a new product. Or get them a freebie after reaching a particular milestone. Undoubtedly, keep encouraging your customers while they are there, whichever way you decide to go. Also, keep pushing reminders and their progress reports, so they know where they stand. 

Webinar series:

Webinars are a great way to engage an audience and bring in new people. When sharing the details of your webinar with your audience, encourage them to invite their close ones to attend it as well. Apart from this, it is how you get more exposure as well as new leads without direct marketing. There can be one colossal webinar covering one topic or a series of multiple webinars with a number of hosts. Also, the email written for a series of webinars provides the details and the schedule to guide viewers. 

Project updates:

This email idea can be especially beneficial for NGOs or funded organizations that work for humanity’s benefit. Sharing updates with their supporters will make them feel included, and they will know how their given funds are used. Other than that, the business can use these kinds of emails to inform their consumers about the progress they are making. Which can be about expansion to different places or launching new products. Obviously, people like to get special treatment when they know they are the first to get enlightened about new products.

Asking questions:

This is also an innovative way to capture their attention and make them recall products or services of your brand. In order to answer the question related to it, this not only provides you with straightforward answers. But also provide you with feedback and some enlightening opinion they have. 


E-commerce brands, especially the big ones, have huge categories list. Listing products from several categories assists the user in determining which one is right for them. Additionally, this simple technique will help you put users into segmentations that to consider in future promotions. 

All the ideas provided above can help companies pick and choose from whichever suits their email marketing campaign. 

Nonetheless, email marketing is necessary for every business, whether trying to sell anything or making people aware of their business. It helps them gain insights, and segmentation helps determine the audience groups. Even so, companies have teams in place to conduct all of their marketing operations. Where other higher external agencies who handle such functions. Some focus on only digital marketing, while others cover the full spectrum of Advertising. It is a brand’s sole decision to choose which will work best for them. And if they are looking for small operations, they are starting. 

Affiliate marketing only can be a good choice, and few affiliate marketing networks, such as Linkscircle Affiliate Marketing Network. They get the brand an affiliate partner bus and offer services like email marketing, influencer reach, content writing and coupons. Reaching these companies is a perfect solution for start-ups and small-budget companies. In contrast, huge companies can also leverage these services to get more reach. 


This blog is written on the topic of Email marketing and some ideas for your business. This blog also discusses the Basics of email marketing requirements. Furthermore, it describes types of emails, which include Newsletter, Behaviour and Transaction. Finally, some email marketing ideas are given. 

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