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When it comes to shedding light on the PE exam, it is a standardized test that measures the competency of engineers who aspire to become licensed professional engineers. It is indeed a significant milestone in the career of an engineer that many of them out there intend to accomplish. Through this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the PE exam, including the benefits. So stay tuned!

Who Is Eligible to Take the PE Exam?

To be eligible to appear in this examination, the candidate must have a four-year engineering degree from an accredited institution. Alongside, he or she should also have at least four years of relevant work experience.

What Are the Names of the Different PE Exam Disciplines?

For your information, the PE exam is offered in a range of engineering disciplines. Some of the names include civil, electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering. What’s more, there are also specialty exams available in fields like fire protection engineering and nuclear engineering.

Is the PE Exam Computer-Based?

The previous pencil-and-paper format transitioned to computer-based testing. You will be allotted a designated computer on which you need to take the PE test.

Have the Specifications Changed with PE Going to CBT?

Most individuals are under the misconception that with the implementation of CBT, the specifications too have changed. However, they haven’t changed at all. That means the content you will need to pass the PE exam remains the same as it was in the old exam format.

Are You Allowed to Carry Reference Materials Along to the Test Centres?

In the paper-based exam, candidates were leveraged to carry with themselves their own reference materials. But it is no longer the case anymore. And as stated above, you will be allotted a computer through which you can access the reference handbook developed by NCEES for your discipline. You will also have access to the codes and standards associated with the depth section of your discipline in the form of searchable PDfs.

How Many Questions Are There in the PE Exam, and What Are Their Types?

The exam consists of 80 questions, which include multiple-choice, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blanks. It is important to highlight here that there is no partial credit for any of the above categories of questions. In other words, the answer is either correct or wrong.

Will All the Examinees Get the Same Set of Questions?

During the paper-based exam, all the examinees used to get the same set of questions. But with the PE exam going CBT, the introduction of the LOFT algorithm has taken place. With the aid of this algorithm, it will choose questions for every candidate from NCEE’s database. Hence, examinees peeping at their neighbor’s screen won’t bear any fruit.

When Will the Examinee Get His or Her Break?

Only after you have answered half of the questions (40), will you get your break.

When Can You Register for the PE Exam?

The current format ensures that the PE exam can be taken year-round. While it is applicable for many disciplines, for others it is still offered on a single day of the year.

What Is the Mantra to Get the Odds in Your Favor for Clearing This Examination?

While there is no sure-fire way of clearing this examination on the first attempt, you can do a world of good by solving as many practice problems as you can. Additionally, getting enrolled in a PE exam prep study course from an accredited provider will turn out to be your best bet.

How Many Times Can You Take This Test in a Period of 12 Months?

You are privileged to take it in any quarter you feel ready to do so, but you can only take it three times in a period of 12 months. That means if you are somehow unable to crack this examination in the first three attempts, you can’t apply for it in the immediate next quarter. You will have to wait 12 months after the first quarter in which you sat for this exam.

How Much Time Does It Take for the Results to Be Out?

You can expect the results within 7–10 days. Examinees receive an email from NCEES on this.

What Are the Benefits of Passing the PE Exam?

Higher Payout

Engineers who have successfully cleared the PE exam are often paid more than those who have not. The simple reason for that is that employees understand the expertise of engineers who passed the exam as well as the efforts required to pass this difficult exam. Additionally, in some cases, passing the exam can help you get promoted or get a raise.

More Career Paths

When engineers pass the PE exam, the door to new opportunities opens for them. For instance, a PE licensed engineer can move into management roles, become a consultant, or, in some cases, work in the academic field. With the PE license it is easier to procure licenses from other countries, thus broadening the career opportunities of an engineer.

Improved Skills and Knowledge

Another astounding advantage of passing the PE exam is the professional development of an engineer. The amount of time, study, and skills required to pass the exam is significant; as a result, those who prepare for the exam will surely improve their knowledge, expertise, and skills. This dedication will surely lead to fulfilment in the personal and professional lives of an engineer.

Networking Opportunities

Passing the PE exam is indisputably a dream come true for many and is indeed one of the most significant achievements. It also creates a wide range of networking opportunities for engineers, empowering them to connect with many other professionals in their field. This can lead to many new job opportunities or collaborations on projects.

Final words

As stated earlier, if you intend to improve your chances of clearing this examination, enrolling in a PE exam prep study course is highly advisable. For all such tasks, connect with the Civil Engineering Academy. Here, you will get professional assistance from top-notch experts. You may also inquire more about the FE exam prep study course.

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