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Birthday gift card boxes are the perfect choice while presenting somebody with a gift card on his or her big day. The use of such packaging is important because it enhances the appeal of your gift and makes a better impression on the beholder while receiving it. This style also helps you to make the present outstanding from the rest of others and establish a better relationship with the receiver. There are many shapes and styles of these boxes available in the market from which you can select your preferred design.

 Birthdays are important occasions for showing your love to a person. The use of the gift to reflect the love and care for a person is an old one, and the packaging of the gift matters as much as the present itself. You can utilize birthday gift card boxes while presenting someone with a gift card for shopping. This packaging design is effective in enhancing the appeal of your package, and there are many trends popular nowadays that you can follow. From DIY craftsmanship to custom printing, there is a wide range of possibilities from which you can take benefit.

The craftsmanship

One of the emerging trends while selecting the card packaging for these gifts is to do it by yourself. Instead of using a readymade cardholder, you can go for making it on your own, this process is a bit difficult but can help you in establishing a good relationship with the beholder. The use of DIY card boxes can benefit you to make the gift stand out from the rest, once the beholder knows how much time and effort you have put into designing the packaging on your own, they will surely appreciate it, and this can add value into the sole of this gifting tradition.

The gift card boxes DIY approach is also important because, in this emerging world of technology, the gift tradition is more like a formality now, by using the DIY approach you can easily showcase the love you have for the beholder and how much you care for them.

Their Box Your Design

These boxes are effective in enhancing the visual appeal of your gift cards and can be more embellished by selecting the design of your preferred choice on them. You can select the design of these boxes by the taste of the beholder, which can appeal to them more efficiently. These printed gift card boxes can be manufactured in any desired use of materials, and the printing can be done in high quality to appeal to the viewer in the best possible way.

Trifold tuck

The use of gift card packaging in printed trifold is also very popular nowadays, as this style is very effective in engaging the interest of the beholder. This style of packaging is more like a wallet in visuals, and it can be printed in any desired style. The printing space on such packaging is vast due to the folded nature of the packaging. These can be printed by making use of a photo of the beholder to be printed on this packaging solution.

Small containers with big value

This style of gift card packaging is in the form of mini-styled boxes that can be highly customized. The style of such boxes is minimal and can be customized with the use of any desired style and color. Due to the use of cardboard as the primary material for the construction of such boxes, the printing quality is high and detailed. These boxes can be used for different occasions like birthdays or any sort of party. The style of such packaging makes them perfect for use as gift card boxes for graduation. You can make use of the printed medium to print a written message or wish, which will surely make the receiver to be happy.

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Boutique tags 

The use of this style of gift card packaging is very popular as they are visually appealing due to the enhanced visual quality, and the use of such packing can be done to give gift cards on special occasions like weddings. These wedding gift card boxes are simple in design with a slip side used for sliding the cards inside.

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