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Are you planning a holiday in Fresno in 2024? Well, if not, then hurry up and start booking your Allegiant Flight ticket to Fresno. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all with your Fresno 2024 trips. This place has so much to offer to visitors of every age. From gardens to zoos to parks, Fresno has all that you need to complete your trip. This guide will be beneficial for you to get a brief list of activities to carry out in Fresno.

Here is the list of fun activities to do in Fresno for January 2024.

1. Try out Fresno County Blossom Trail

  • You can enjoy a trail at the Fresco County Blossom.
  • This trail is worth it to try out, especially during winter.
  • In the winter, you will find the 70-mile trail land covered with pink and white flowers.
  • So, treat your eyes with this picturesque view from the Fresco County Blossom trails.
  • During the mid Feb you can enjoy the trail of fruits and oranges.
  • However, in late March, it’s the testament time here.

2. Explore Forestiere Underground Gardens

  • Explore this beautiful garden to make your 2024 better.
  • While visiting the garden, make sure to stroll through the caved tunnels.
  • The tunnels were the home of Baldassare Forestiere once.
  • Visitors can explore this garden from March to November.
  • You will find beautiful courtyards, aquariums, and even bedrooms on this underground garden.
  • The citrus farmers and Sicilian immigrants use only handmade tools to maintain the underground garden.

3. Don’t Miss Yosemite National Park

  • This place is the perfect spot for all the nature buffs.
  • The nature lover must visit the Yosemite National Park.
  • Here, you can climb at the El Captain Mountain and sit beneath giant sequoias in Mariposa Grove.
  • Also, make sure to climb the half-dome.
  • You can take a bus service from Fresno to visit this place.
  • Also, it is only at a distance of 90 minutes from Fresno.
  • It’s landmarks with gorgeous view will completely mesmerize you.

4. Go to Fresno Chafee Zoo

  • It’s one of the places where you can have an utterly wild experience.
  • This place is filled with giraffes, lions, stingrays, and more.
  • The zoo is said to be the home of over 200 species.
  • It’s California’s one of the most prominent zoos.
  • Also, the ticket prices for this zoo are really affordable.
  • So, you can enjoy and immerse yourself in the state of the art exhibits present at this zoo.
  • The zoo is segregated into Sea Lion Cove, African Adventure, and Kingdoms of Asia.

5. Visit Kearney Mansion

  • Take a tour of King M. Theo Kearney’s Mansion.
  • This mansion’s estate parks are spread over 230 acres of land.
  • You can have a picnic at the estate park too.
  • It’s a beautiful attraction to visit in Fresno.

Thus, book your Allegiant Flights for Fresno to experience these fantastic activities.

6. Explore Fresno Art Museum

  • This museum has more than 3600 modern art pieces and artworks.
  • Here, you will find paintings of famous painters, too.
  • Thus, people having interests in local and fine arts must visit this museum.
  • You are truly going to love the unique and incredible artwork here.
  • Also, the artworks here represent the historic events and the culture of Fresno.

7. Go to Sequoia National Park

  • This national park is located just 90-minute drive away from Fresno.
  • You can climb at the Moro Rock or just trek through the crystal cave here.

8. Visit Shaver Lake

  • Shaver Lake is located within a driving distance from Fresno.
  • You can drive up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and then reach Shaver Lake.
  • This lake has plenty of water activities.
  • Starting from water skiing and jet skiing to wakeboarding, lounging, and more.

9. Escape to China Peak Mountain

  • If you are searching for some snowfall at Fresno, then visit China Peak.
  • You can also try out some snow activities at China Peak Mountain.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding are the main snow activities at China Peak Mountain.

10. Go for the Pincushion Peak Trail

  • It’s a short trail to the Pincushion Peak.
  • Take the round trip 30 mins trail from Fresco to reach the Pincushion Peak.
  • It’s one of the favourite hikes for the locals.
  • After climbing up the Pincushion Peak, you can get a beautiful view of Fresno city.


Travellers should definitely try out the recommended fun activities to make their travel experience a happening one. Also, make sure to finish your allegiant airlines check in procedure to collect your boarding passes before the scheduled flight.

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