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Diwali is a pleasant holiday that connects people around. It’s the time for doing good and celebrating life. You may also make this holiday season memorable by making environmentally responsible decisions and urging others to do the same. Here are some simple ideas to make your Diwali more environmentally sustainable:

Making homemade decor and presents

Personalized decor and presents will bring a personalized feel to your Diwali celebrations. There are several tutorials accessible on the web that may advise you and assist you in coming up with inventive presents and beautiful things for your home.

Wrap presents in newspapers

Although we are all accustomed to purchasing a non-recyclable glossy gift-wrapping paper from the shop, you may substitute environmentally friendly newspapers. Adding jute strand ribbons and adhesive handwritten messages to the newspaper wrapping will give it a unique touch.

Make use of natural rangoli colours

When purchasing, look for organic items like turmeric, kumkum, and coffee powder to produce colorful and brilliant rangolis for yourself. Flowers such as roses, marigolds, chrysanthemums, and leaves can also be used. After the party, you may quickly dump them in a compost hole.

Use diyas to illuminate your house

The traditional way of lighting the home with diyas is a fantastic eco-friendly option to consider during the festivities. Electricity is pricey, and conserving energy is an excellent way to help the planet.

Use environmentally friendly firecrackers

While it is preferable to avoid using firecrackers on Diwali, individuals who cannot avoid them can use eco-friendly crackers. Unlike regular ones, these are constructed of recyclable plastic and are believed to pollute very little. KUSHAL DEV RATHI

Have a safe and eco-friendly Diwali!

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