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The second is to think about what you’re adding to your bath. Bubble baths and traditional soaks can advertise as “nourishing” or “moisturizing,” however, they usually contain an array of harmful ingredients as well as harmful impurities, which can create more harm than good.

If you’re looking to take advantage of goat milk products of bathing time to take care of the appearance of your skin, suggest products that are made of natural moisturizers and contain none of the mentioned ingredients that dry out the skin.

Similar to our bars of goat milk soaps the milk bath is specifically designed to replenish and hold the skin’s moisture, making sure that the skin remains soft and smooth throughout winter. We’ve also developed bath products that contain essential oils that can help you create a spa-like atmosphere within your bathroom. (So useful when there’s snow falling outside and getting to an actual spa seems impossible!)


While you’re trying to stay clear of hot water when bathing, the icy cold winter air is certain to have a negative impact for your complexion. Before you start apply every lotion and cream that you can locate it’s essential to take off the dead skin cells so that the moisturizer is able to be absorbed by the skin.

The good thing is the fact that your skin performs certain tasks by itself, since it regenerates completely around every month and all year. In winter, however it is more susceptible to itching, dryness, or tightened skin, it can assist with the process by using a gentle exfoliation.

Certain exfoliators may be too rough Goat milk skin care for delicate skin, leading to dryness and irritation. Microbeads, walnut shells even diamonds could sound like the ideal (and lavish!) methods of removing off dead skin cells, however, they’re usually too harsh.

We are at Bend Soap Company, we prefer exfoliating products that are gentle, like oatmeal and sugar. Our most popular Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk soap This ancient grain gently exfoliates dry, dead skin cells while giving your skin the necessary amount of moisture, vitamins and minerals. Even the lactic acid that is found in the bar’s goat’s milk helps in the process of exfoliation by gently stripping away the natural glue that is between dead skin cells to ensure that they are able to be removed.

Switch Out Your Moisturizer

After you’ve cleansed, soaked and exfoliated, the final step to winter-proof your skin is applying an intense moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and hydrated throughout the day.

As with bubble baths and soaps the more common lotions and creams contain a fair amount of dangerous ingredients. Furthermore, many of them are too light for their effectiveness or are so heavy and oily that they leave an unpleasant layer on the skin.

Contrarily the creamy consistency is the reason why the goat’s milk lotion is light, non-oily and is easy to absorb into the skin. What’s more important is that the lotion’s ingredients are made with natural ingredients that are simple and all-natural, which include goat’s milk, shear butter and aloe vera.

Back to You

Winter is the perfect time to be with your family and celebrate the holidays but not the best time to worry about dry soaps , flaky skin. The skin is more sensitive and susceptible to dryness in winter, however the process of winterizing your skin is much simpler than you believe. All you need is a few all-natural moisturizing products and a commitment to toss your toxic, old products into the trash.

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