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Epoxy Flooring Singapore

Epoxy coatings have emerged as the most recent and fashionable trend in flooring systems. Epoxy resin has become the preferred resurfacing material in both the residential and commercial sectors. Clients who want epoxy resin for their flooring are primarily motivated by its superior capabilities on both a physical and cosmetic level. It offers a highly resilient and non-slip surface in addition to its capacity to change a dated, unappealing area into one that is highly decorative and appealing. The coating not only offers excellent aesthetics but also supports and strengthens the current substrate by acting as a protective layer and shielding it from additional environmental corrosive effects. An epoxy resin coating will help restore a damaged or deteriorating existing floor.

What is Epoxy?

The two major components of epoxy are a resin and a hardener, which when combined chemically produce a stiff plastic material that is strong, durable, and adheres incredibly well to almost any surface. Epoxy flooring is made composed of numerous layers of epoxy resin placed at various depths to the concrete substrate floor, producing various effects. The concrete is immediately protected from daily wear and tear, becomes slip- and chemical-resistant, improves in look overall, and is also made simpler to clean and maintain thanks to the coating.

Simple Application

Epoxy resin coating can be applied to almost any area, garages, living rooms, warehouse floors, showrooms, granny flats, industrial areas, shops, businesses, commercial premises, basically, anywhere there is foot traffic, vehicle traffic, carts, cars, and trucks, epoxy floor covering is also highly resistant to chemical and oil spills, which allows the floor to be cleaned very easily to its original state. Epoxy resins are typically the hardest resins in the industry, provide the strongest bond between resin and substrate, and have excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability. When properly cured, epoxies offer excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance with very little shrinkage. When you combine all the properties of epoxy resin, you get a very durable, strong, spray and heat-resistant coating, not to mention its amazingly beautiful appearance.

Where to apply Epoxy Flooring?

It can be utilised in even the most severe industrial settings to safeguard employees, machinery, and facility surfaces from damage caused by chemicals, UV light, dampness, and accidents. Additionally, it has recently gained a lot of popularity for garage floors and flats in residential regions.
Residential properties, apartments with lift access, office buildings, retailers and shopping malls, and industrial and warehouse spaces—all are top choices for epoxy flooring in Singapore.

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Durable material. A strong and durable coating that will last longer than other coatings. It will last for years.

Abrasion and tear resistance. Resistant to wear, tear, and traffic, by car or on foot

No chemical issues. Resistant to chemical and non-chemical spills and accidents. Chemicals do not harm soil

Safe for everyone. The ground is safe for everyone. The non-slip material adheres firmly to the entire body, making it safe for people to walk or drive.

Quick and easy installation. Easy to install. It takes no time to install and is worth the payment.

Visually appealing. Epoxy coatings are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can get your floor finished the way you want it.

Easy to clean. Due to its strength and resistance to most factors, minimal cleaning time is required.

• Environmentally Friendly. Thanks to its strength and easy cleaning, epoxy floors are Eco-friendly and non-polluting after installation.

Affordable. Epoxy floors are worth the money and are a one-time investment. Once installed, it will last and the money you save will prove to be a successful long-term investment.

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