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After a crash with a commercial truck, the common question arises: “How much time does it take to resolve the truck accident case”? Knowing the timeline for such a lawsuit & understanding how the lawyer will handle all these tasks for your help to overcome for resolving the truck accident as soon as possible. In this blog, we are going to talk about Trucking Accident Attorney in detail.

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How much time do attorneys take to resolve a case generally?

Behind every truck accident there is a different story behind every truck accident, so the exact timeline of resolving every case is different. The timeline of resolving a case varies based on a few factors. Some injuries take mostly from a few months to more than a year. The more serious your injury, the more legal issues you have to involve and the more timeline you have to spend. Keeping enough time in your hands helps you to complete the overall lawsuit process smoothly. You must follow specific steps if you have been involved in any truck accident case. The Trucking Accident Attorney will help you to initiate this case for the event-gathering process.

Checkout the accident scene

Once you meet with the accident, make a call to emergency services. You should stay at the place of the accident until the police arrive at that same place. If you are capable, click some pictures or videos of that accident location and the injuries or other passengers in the vehicle. Ask for the number and name of the eyewitnesses but don’t discuss that information with someone else. Ask for the case number from the law enforcement agencies to move the further report writing process. It is also essential for the insurance provider & the attorneys.

Get medical attention as soon as possible.

After this, you must seek attention from a medical expert when you meet with an accident. Some injuries may be seen immediately while others do not seem at the right time, but it might affect your health later. You should allow the medical expert to assess the physical and mental health reports. Make sure to follow all the treatment recommendations. If you reach the hospital by ambulance, try to get the emergency department records and others. The records you collect through this process help your attorney to claim insurance and smoothen the court process. This information helps you to represent yourself legally.

Tips you must follow after the 18-wheeler Houston Truck accident

  • It is recommended not to discuss liability; otherwise, it may backfire in the courtroom.
  • You should make a written file regarding what happened that night when you have the events in mind.
  • Don’t negotiate with the insurance companies and with the lawyers.
  • Apart from all these things, follow the factors shared by your lawyer.
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Contact truck accident lawyers in Houston

Hiring a Trucking Accident Attorney in Houston should be your next step. Contact a professional as soon as possible because delays can hinder the outputs. The accident attorneys are highly knowledgeable and have a deep knowledge of state and federal safety regulations. They are highly skilled in gathering important documentation for the investigation.

Inspecting the scenario quickly after the accidents helps get the evidence to strengthen your case. The information or evidence can be collected from anywhere, like installed equipment in the vehicle, like the dashboard camera and the black box. Most vehicle has onboard computers that store crucial information about the vehicle. From there, you can collect the vehicle speed before the accident and when brakes are applied. These data play an important role in the courtroom case.

Investigation process begins

When you retain the course, the attorney will perform multiple tasks that include requesting the personal account of the accident, detailing the injuries you have/had, reviewing the official reports, and all. The attorney you hire will work tough to uncover the causes of accidents. This step is challenging because there are multiple causes of accidents involving road accidents, driver errors, and errors in cargo load. The most common causes of accidents are Head collisions, brake failures, rear-end accidents, jackknife accidents, brake failure incidents, and other semi-truck rollover accidents.

Depending on the factors of the accident, the Trucking Accident Attorney will help you. During litigation, the witness may be called out to share their reviews. Once the attorney has prepared the necessary information and the legal strategy, you have all the chances to win the case.

Negotiations & settlements

During the process, truck companies have to claim insurance policies. For this, you need help from your attorney. Complete the steps fairly, no matter how big or small the claim is. In multiple cases, the liable parties & the insurer are willing to meet the terms mentioned in the demand letter. In such cases, your attorneys will help you in the negotiation process. He/she will be there with you during the whole process. 

Those injured in semi-truck accidents have to go through multiple steps. It might cause a bunch of other financial issues. In such a situation, connecting with an experienced trucking attorney helps you win the case.

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