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Dull skin is something which could happen to anyone and at any age. It is something to worry about if your skin is undergoing such signs of dullness. The dullness only leaves the skin once you opt for good skincare products. So, let’s read the skincare your skin needs.

Do you have dull skin, and what it looks like?

When you stand in front of a mirror and stare back at your skin, do you find something different on the skin? If your skin is undergoing dullness, then there are many changes that your skin got. The most notable yet visible change is the transformation of skin complexion. Your complexion starts taking a reverse gear and turns darker day to day.

Similarly, the dry and rough patches on the skin become persistent. No matter how many thick layers of moisturizer you apply, the skin’s thirst doesn’t go away. Later, you might feel the skin turning saggier and its elasticity and firmness eliminate. All these signs cannot be ignored. If you still pay no attention to the skin, your skin will eventually lose its glow.

The Belle Cote Paris beauty estheticians always recommend that people care of their skin’s dullness. You can solve skin concerns like that with suitable products and treatments. So what can cause dullness on the skin?

The causes that make your skin dull

Remember, when your skin undergoes a concern, the process might be slow, but you cannot blame a single cause for it. Instead, different types of causes contribute to the concerns like dullness. Below you will find the causes.

  • Accumulation of dead skin cells

Your skin undergoes the natural process of shedding dead and damaged skin cells. Also, it replaces the dead one with the new cells. However, when the dead skin cells don’t find a proper way to get discarded, it accumulates in the skin pores and even the skin surface. Hence, it turns down the skin complexion.

  • Skin ageing

As the ageing process begins, your skin produces fewer new cells. The dead skin cells stay at the skin’s surface due to the least turnover rate. Moreover, the elasticity and firmness fade, leaving saggy and rough skin behind.

  • Dehydration

Dehydration further makes your skin appear dry and dull. So, choose a professional skin care regimen like what Belle Cote Paris provides to treat the skin.

The best ways to treat the dull skin

You might be curious to know the treatment for dull skin. Here are some ways to retain the glow of skin.

  • Self-care

Eat fresh and nutritious food that helps your skin to become fresh and hydrated. Similarly, drink enough water to make your skin fulfil its thirst. It will eliminate dullness from skin.

  • Exfoliation

Try the organic seaweed exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and other impurities. The exfoliator is mild on your skin. Similarly, you won’t find it drying your skin. It extracts all the impurities from the skin’s pores and its surface. Also, it leaves behind moistened and soft skin.

  • Sun cream

Provide your skin maximum coverage against sun exposure. For this, use the double sun protection cream. Along with the protection against the sun’s rays, it helps your skin to glow. The UV rays could damage the skin capillaries and cause premature ageing. Therefore, this product is best to use.

  • Erase the makeup

If you show negligence against removing makeup, the makeup residue seeps into the pores to block them. Eventually, it makes the dull skin persistent. Using the right products, you can remove the impurities from the skin.

  • Vitamin C

To avail of the vitamin C, use the vitamin C-3 serum the Belle Cote Paris provides. You can use this product to fade all the spots, blemishes, and ageing signs from the skin. Hence, it makes your skin look fresh and glowing.

  • Moisturize

The most important step to treat dull skin on face is to moisturize the skin. Dryness is a significant factor that either starts with dullness or anytime. However, to make the skin appear bright ad moist, use the ultra nourishing day Light moisturizer.


Prevent the Dull skin from becoming permanent as you have a complete range of products that works against the skin dullness. With proper usage, you could eventually fade all the signs of dullness. Hence, it helps you make the skin retains its glow.

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