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First, you have to choose a format for your webinar before thinking of any other aspects. It depends on the objectives you have set for your event. The webinar platform experts suggest thinking right and choosing accordingly, as you can not get everything in one.

Hence, here are the various formats from which you can choose one and make it happen for your upcoming event.

12 Webinar Formats to Convey Your Message Better with Engagement!

12 Webinar formats that can be helpful in choosing one for your webinar and convey an accurate message while keeping your audience engaged.

The Interview Webinar

You can host an interview with any prevalent personalities and celebs. The attendees like to hear about their idols. They get some motivation to face all the challenges on the way to success. Furthermore, the interactive webinar platforms experts suggest finding a well-known personality and inviting them to have an interview at your webinar. Hence, you can keep a separate session with them.

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) Webinar

Your users will have questions, and letting them ask all their doubts and providing them with the solution in real-time can be a beneficial method. Hence, the best webinar platform experts suggest hosting a webinar with the theme called to ask me anything. Furthermore, the participants will enroll in this two-way communication and interact with everyone across the globe. Let them share their questions and provide answers to the attendees directly from the speakers.

The Panel Discussion

When it comes to a trendy topic, everyone wants to know all the dos, don’ts, pros, cons, and other possibilities. Furthermore, the live webinar platform experts suggest integrating the panel discussion into your webinar. Hence, you can call some specialists and matter experts to your panel discussion and choose an agenda that can grab the audience’s attention across the globe. The users must be able to know all the aspects of a topic in your webinar.

The Case Study Webinar

You can choose to share all the achievements and success stories with the audience. This way, you will be able to share your brand success and the benefits of various products. Furthermore, the online webinar platforms can create a more interactive case study webinar by providing you with different features and functionalities.

The Online Event or Conference

You can conduct an online conference with your employees. After the pandemic, most organizations are still on remote work. Hence, you can keep a connection with the global audience through such events. Furthermore, you can add various topics and project discussions with fun elements. The on-demand live streaming services suggest taking your conferences online with webinars. You will get numerous features, like screen sharing, presentations, whiteboards, and more.

The Expert Debate

The audience always likes to take advice from experts in any area. Hence, you can invite the matter expertly and create a debate over a defined topic. You will need more than one person to make this debate happen. Furthermore, the live webinar software experts share to choose experts who have their own opinions and knowledge about the topic. They must be able to share urgent data with the audiences.

The Masterclass

You can also create a guided class for your audiences. They would like to hear and learn something new and interesting. Hence, the online webinar services experts share to host a masterclass that can be helpful in making an online class for the global attendees. Furthermore, choosing the right topic as per your audience’s interest is your whole and sole duty.

The Chat Show

Your audience and even you may have a list of talk shows you like a lot and can not miss even a single episode. Just like that, you can grab your audience on online webinars with the same. Furthermore, you can host a chat show online over the webinar. It can make your event go live, engaging numerous people in their discussion.

The Coffee Time Talk

You can create some talk time for the audience with coffee. It can be a break time for the audience to listen and discuss simple questions from the host. Furthermore, you do not have to think of any topic or other means to start a discussion. The on-demand webinar experts share that you can just create a coffee break and add some chit-chat with the speaker during that time.

The Product Demo

You can take your product launch, demonstration, and updates online with the webinar. It will help to create a better name and fame for your products and services. Furthermore, you can share all the information with a worldwide audience online. Make them share the reviews of your products and offer them a solution for every doubt.

The Staff Training

You may have a great number of employees at your organization which makes it challenging to train them offline. However, you can use the webinar to train your staff. This way, you can keep a connection with your employees, as well as you can teach them regardless of geographical location. Hence, you can reach the global with your training that will make your staff behave similarly and deliver the best service.

The Live Q&A Session

I think everyone loves to ask questions whenever they see something attractive. Hence, you can opt for a live Q&A session at your webinar. This way, you can resolve all the problems of the attendees and ensure that every user understands your service and product better and is on the same page as yours. Hence, you can keep a separate session for all the questions and answers. Also, you can integrate a live poll option to support the attendees engaged and know how much they know and how much you need to tell them.

So, these are the various webinar formats you can choose to convey your message while keeping the audience engaged. Furthermore, the most popular webinar platforms will provide you with advanced features and functionalities that can be helpful in achieving success beyond your expectations.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in choosing the suitable webinar format that will best convey your message to the audience keeping them engaged throughout the event.

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