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Effective Study Routine:

I hate to break it to you but to me, the secret to an effective study routine isn’t candles or pastel highlighters even though they improve the experience a routine is a habit it’s something you don’t think about anymore it’s a shortcut it reduces cognitive load and the beauty is it doesn’t feel like a choice anymore you just do it you’re used to doing it so you get it done today I want to help you make studying feel easy and to do this we’re going to develop an effective study routine this saves me during uni where I feel like I have a million things to juggle so I want to make this blog as practical as possible and I really hope it helps you live a more social less stressed free and wonderful academic life the first element to any effective study. Read about:article writing service online

Study Routine Is Planning

study routine is planning the more you know about what your upcoming exams homework class prep essays all of that are gonna look like the more you can filter that into your study activity so that you’re prepared how do you know how to guide your study activities unless you know what things are coming up and how long they’re gonna take you so much happens during uni that I know if I lived just day to day I would fall apart as I did in first gen so planning is good we like planning the first tip I have within planning is a concept I came up with just now it’s called the mandatory minimum.

Estimate Your Study Activities

how long tasks actually take you because the more accurately you can estimate your study activities the more easily you can plan that into your timetable into your life so when I look at my upcoming week for university I have this idea of the mandatory minimum in the back of my head this is the minimum amount of time I need to prepare really well for that class for that homework to write the essay and my knowledge of my mandatory minimum for all of these things is guided by my experience odds are you’re repeating these things, again and again, you are doing homework every week you have to do class prep every week so you can get good at learning.

how long that actually takes you and knowing your mandatory minimum lets you know the minimum amount even if life gets so so so busy as long as you do this minimum you’re gonna be okay for example on a Tuesday I have two classes in my afternoon they’re at 2 pm and 4 pm and each is 90 minutes so I only have half an hour in between them and if I didn’t know my mandatory minimum was longer than that half an hour and if I decided oh let’s just do preparation in between the two I would be screwing me over every single time for that second class.

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