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Massage therapists specialize in therapeutic treatments to clients. In order to obtain their license, massage therapists must complete intensive training and certification programs; some programs are free while others incur fees.

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1. Check their reviews

Online, you can find plenty of information about massage therapists. Many maintain websites featuring client testimonials, photos, and a comprehensive description of services provided. Others use scheduling solutions which enable customers to book appointments at their own convenience while offering cancellation or rescheduling capabilities if needed.

Many individuals search the web to locate massage therapists prior to scheduling an appointment, with Google and Yelp being two popular directories for massage therapists. Massage therapists should claim their business pages on these platforms and encourage clients to rate them, in order to improve their search ranking and help potential clients locate them more easily.

Massage therapists may advertise in local newspapers or mailers. Others join or support local professional organizations or trade associations; members of these organizations often know other professionals that can introduce them to new clients, while continuing education classes can help their practice expand; for example, members of AMTA have access to over 60 online CE courses on all kinds of massage topics.

2. Check their credentials

Massage therapy has emerged as an increasingly effective tool to relieve stress, alleviate pain and promote sleep quality – leading to an increasing demand for massage therapists and recommending it as part of patients’ treatment plans.

Massage therapists must obtain a license from their state to practice massage. Obtaining such an authorization usually entails completing at least 1,000 clock hours of education in specific subjects and supervised work under supervision – usually accredited by either the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA) or another regional body recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Massage therapists may opt to pursue voluntary specialty certifications as an additional way of increasing their earning potential and showing employers they possess expertise in certain forms of massage therapy. While such certifications may increase earning potential and demonstrate expertise within one area of massage, obtaining these credentials may prove costly; thus, when making this decision it is crucial that the cost associated with this pursuit be carefully considered before making your choice.

3. Check their availability

Massage therapists specialize in using hands-on manual techniques to promote health and well-being for their clients, such as spa services or those employed by chiropractors and physical therapists. Some massage therapists even travel directly to clients’ homes or workplaces for appointments.

Massage therapists continue to be in high demand as more people discover its many health advantages. A licensed massage therapist can meet a range of client needs from relieving stress to rehabbing injuries.

There are various online massage therapy certification programs, both paid and free, available to students interested in becoming massage therapists. Paid programs tend to provide more comprehensive education, with access to resources and job placement assistance among their perks; meanwhile a free course can still provide basic knowledge and skills necessary to begin your career journey.

4. Make an appointment

As a massage therapist, there are various strategies available to you for gaining new customers. Social media promotions, networking events and offering discounts all can be effective ways of expanding your clientele base. In addition to that, online booking and appointment scheduling apps may also attract more clients.

Schedulicity provides an intuitive scheduling app designed specifically to make client interactions smooth and effortless, from booking appointments through web browser or mobile app booking, email/text reminders and prepayment/deposit requests to keeping track of appointment history/notes in one convenient place – ideal for busy massage therapists looking to grow their business effortlessly.

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