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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to expand or fund your business and wondering whether you can get a Business Loan without collateral? Well, the answer is yes. But there are terms and conditions attached to it. 

Business Loans are used to secure funds from a lender to finance the cash flow in various business operations. They are sought for varied purposes like funding the next growth stage in business or managing a current financial crisis that will get better in the future. However, a Business Loan is generally offered with collateral security. But there are options to procure a loan without such security as well. 

Securing a Business Loan for your business is a straightforward procedure. However, obtaining a Business Loan without collateral might be challenging as the lender does not have a hold on your borrowing. But lenders ensure that such loans are combined with other forms of guarantees or higher interest rates. So, let us better understand such scenarios.

Securing Business Loans without collateral:

Private Financial Institutions: In India, you can quickly get a Business Loan from some of the best financial institutions like Clix Capital, which offer loans from ₹ 5 lakhs to ₹ 50 lakhs to meet the growing needs of your business. The best part is complete process is online, so you do not have to spare dedicated time to apply and go through the process. From applying to sanctioning, everything is online.

Alternative lenders: A business can look for alternative sources of financial lenders. They provide the capital required for the business through 

  • Term loans
  • Line of credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Inventory Financing
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Purchase order financing

In addition, there are other sources of securing financial aid without collateral submission.

Evaluate your business financials

Securing a Business Loan without collateral can be challenging, but you can make sure that you are not declined the option by being your own evaluator. You can check your business and personal credit scores to ensure they are in reasonable figures. Keep your balance sheet, cash flow, and financial statements updated and in order. This can be help you check your eligibility for the loan and clarify your ability to repay the loan.

Be prepared for other guarantees

While getting a loan without collateral is possible, the lender is sure to have other conditions that need to be fulfilled. In most cases, you will be asked to give a personal guarantee. A personal guarantee is when you agree to repay the loan in case of default personally. 

Research well before accepting the loan

Lenders will always have a way of lowering the interest amount and tallying them through other charges. Before securing a loan, it is advised to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the loan. These include knowledge of the factors like the interest rates, loan terms, repayment schedule, and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Another critical factor for consideration is the prepayment or pre-closure penalty. Most business loans are secured when the current financial situations are hard to handle. In cases of better business, they can be paid off before the loan tenure. Under such circumstances, you must not be charged a penalty for pre-closure of the business loan.

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A business loan without collateral is a type of small business loan. A business loan without collateral involves taking out a short-term loan from a financial institution backed by your personal assets. In other words, you lend part of your house or car to secure the full value of the bank’s loan to your business – which will be fully repaid at some point in the future to the lender along with interest. To avail of the loan, you have to fulfill simple eligibility criteria like the minimum service income, which is the highest salary that you receive annually.

While availing of a Business Loan, re-evaluate and check what parameters best suit you and your business needs. Before accepting such loans, you should clearly understand the associated terms and conditions. Do not be desperate to acquire funds without considering the related factors for repayment. Any loan must be repaid, and it is a wise choice to secure loans that will be easy to repay in the future.

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