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The majority of bloggers share their experiences, knowledge, and insider information on a topic out of passion. However, passion alone will not suffice. All of your written content needs to be linked to an income source in order to make money blogging.

There are a number of ways to make money from a blog, but each one requires some time to get started. Those success stories about bloggers making a fortune in a matter of days? Not true. Before you can start blogging for money, you will need to start a blog, find an audience, and regularly drive traffic to it. The good news is that you will be rewarded if you are willing to work hard.

But once you have some visitors to your website, how do you blog for money? We’ll show you how to make money blogging, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced blogger looking for a new way to make money.

How do Bloggers Make Money?

Most bloggers start making money by offering services through their blogs. But after their traffic levels increase, they adopt methods like ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing to increase their blog income. The bloggers who are most successful leverage a diversified approach to monetizing their blogs.

How to Make Money Blogging (with Two Methods)

1. Posts by Sponsors

Sponsored posts are blog posts paid for by brands or individuals. Because they are paid advertisements written in an editorial style, they are essentially advertorials. Sponsored posts on your blog can come from brands, whether you write about personal finance or the latest products for new mothers.

A pricing list on your website’s contact page can help you advertise your sponsored posts. But in the beginning, you might decide to reach out to local businesses and brands that have partnered with other bloggers in your niche and ask if they would be interested in a sponsored post on your blog. Be sure to say how many people visit your blog and how many people follow you.

Vanessa Cesario discusses brand partnerships on The Brunette Salad’s blog. Take a look at this Diesel-sponsored post. The pictures of Cesario in Italy wearing Diesel clothing with links to the jeans are posted on the photo blog.

  • Dropshipping

 Adding an online store to your website can change your life if you want to make money selling products through your blog. You can list products that are related to the niche of your blog. In addition, dropshipping allows you to begin selling items worldwide without having to stock them.

On Oberlo, you can find the most recent men’s and women’s fashion items if you are a fashion blogger. You can even find products to sell from Oberlo if you are a beauty, home decor, maternity, children, DIY, photographer, or another niche blogger.

The ability to sell products without having to purchase large quantities of inventory is what makes dropshipping so appealing because you only purchase what you have already sold. Additionally, you can add hundreds of products (for free) to your website if it is already set up.

Make Vancouver is a blog-based online retailer. Print-on-demand and dropshipping are two of their offerings. To help promote the items in their store, they post gift guides, product finds, and other posts related to products on their blog.

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