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Events are getting advanced in terms of technology. Now even mobile apps are becoming part of the event industry. If you are planning to host a hybrid event and want to create a mobile app for the event. You have landed on the right article. We have created a checklist of features that you can add to your hybrid mobile event app. 

Checklist For Hybrid Event: 

Here is the checklist of features that you should include in your mobile app: 

1. Easy To Use Interface

Mobile Event Apps for hybrid events should have an easy-to-use interface. Unfortunately, various event planners create an app for the event and complicate it. But to offer users a better and enhanced experience with the event app, you should always have a user-friendly interface, as users might not use the app if they find it difficult to navigate. 

2. Venue Navigation 

If you are hosting a hybrid event, you should offer navigation for the venue. For instance, if you are hosting a hybrid event at a massive venue with various sections, you might want your audience to explore your venue. In that case, you should offer navigation so that they can see directions through the venue. It will also make it easier for users to go to different games, stalls etc.

3. Engagement Tool For Connecting Audience

Event apps usually have engagement tools but these engagement tools are more essential in the case of hybrid events as these events have both virtual and physical audiences and organizers have to engage both the audience at the same time. So your hybrid event should have such tools that can engage both audiences. Tools like surveys, polls, virtual booths, etc can engage the audience in the event. 

4. Gamification 

The best mobile event app for hybrid events usually has this gamification feature. Today most event organizers are setting up the game at their on-ground events to engage their audience, but in the case of hybrid events, event organizers must keep their virtual audience engaged and for that, they can create and add the feature game in mobile apps. These games can connect both the audience.  

5. Help Desk 

If you are creating a mobile app for a hybrid event or any event you can’t skip the feature of the help desk. Most of the users need customer support during the event or for the app. They might experience a technical glitch or can have an issue in navigating the app, or while making payment so to solve the problems of your audience you will need a help desk. You can offer customer sup

6. Real-Time Analytics

The analytics feature in the mobile app is essential especially when you are hosting a hybrid event. As these events have participants that will be joining the event both virtually and in person, managing and tracking the event can be challenging without the analytics feature. 

Real-time analysis can offer you an overview of both virtual and in-person attendees. With an analytic dashboard, you will be able to understand how your virtual and physical audience is engaging with the audience. 

7. Virtual Booths

Many organizers these days prefer having a virtual booth at their events. These booths are part of huge virtual or hybrid events. The main aim of having a virtual booth as part of the event is to initiate communication at the event. 

Virtual booths have different features like chatbots, video chats, banners, logos for branding, and texts. These booths can help event attendees in communicating directly with the event organizers. 

8. Customization 

Customization is essential for event marketing and branding. Mobile event apps should have the feature of customization so you can customize and create an app according to your brand theme and event need, you can’t get any event app that doesn’t have the scope of customization. With customization, you will have a scope of offering a better experience to your users with the brand. 

9. Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration is a must-have feature for the hybrid event app. Event organizers might need to integrate social media platforms for social walls at events or they might also need to add payment platforms etc for the event. So while creating an app for the hybrid event don’t skip third party integration features. 

10. Easy Check-Ins

In the hybrid, some individuals will be taking part in the event personally and as an event organizer you will want to offer them a more enhanced user experience and for that, you can offer easy check-ins at the event. With the mobile app, you can offer QR-based check-ins for your hybrid event. 

The Bottom Line 

Mobile apps for events can help event organizers manage their event more effectively plus these events offer convenience to event attendees. With the help of this app event, attendees can receive all the updates regarding the event on their mobile app. It also helps virtual attendees of the hybrid event engage with the organizers and other participants of the event.

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