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Everybody has embraced the convenience of laminates that leave a modernized feel along with a classy look of wood or tile. 2023 is gifting you a new blend of décor with easy maintenance that you can avail of by flaunting the best laminate flooring.

1.       Stone-Look Laminates are in

The way laminates have managed to replicate the wooden flooring surface, it has also managed to become a perfect substitute for stone-made floors too. Modern-day stone laminate flooring sheets are designed to perfectly create an ideal stone-floor look that is quite common among houses in hilly regions. Just imagine, you can recreate your holiday cottage look at your house, located right in the heart of the town.

The benefit of stone laminate is despite having the look, it is easier than stone to maintain. Therefore, it doesn’t even hurt much if kids or young pets have any accidents on them.

2.       Lighter Colours of Laminates in Vogue

Light and soft tones for wood-look laminates are trending these days. These are quite popular, especially with homes with brighter and warmer ambiance. Gray and white tones have gained popularity as they offer homes with a very soft and warm vibe.

  • White laminate flooring: Be it stone finish or wood-like laminate, the whitewashed look is in fashion. Usually, people choose them for a cool, modernized soft look. White oak and Sandcastle oak are the mostly chosen variants. Laminates in soft and lighter tones make the space look wider and a lot more relaxed. If you want to make a smaller space look larger, white laminate sheets are definitely your go-to choice.
  • Grey laminate flooring: Grey laminate sheets are styled following the colour and look of the river rock beds. They have a soothing grey tone of river rocks. The colour grey has a universal feel and timeless acceptance across the globe. That is why they are popular among a wide demography. As grey is a balance between light and dark tones, it has an amazing ability to balance warm and cold ambiance in a particular place.

3.       Wide Planks are Chosen Over Thin                                                                                

You can select laminates of your choice from a large range of styles, textures and colours. If you fail to decide on the right choice for your house, checking out a laminate catalogis agood decision. They are even available online these days. Talk to your flooring contractor about your space, its colour, size, and overall décor to make decision-making easier for you.

Wide plank sheets are in trend these days. That doesn’t mean that you cannot choose thinner planks for your area of work. However, a little over 5.5” is the in thing for 2023. In fact, some Interior decorators are deliberately combining pieces of different widths for a look that stands out. Needless to say, any touch of variation brings a fresh lease of life to your area of décor.

4.       Herringbone Laminate Design

Flooring patterns for laminate sheets have come a long way since parquet patterns were used in the seventies. The styling varied widely from wide to narrow strips arranged in a variety of structures that your eyes prefer. These days,

  •  Chevron
  •  Diagonal
  •  Herringbone

Are trending as they create a complicated yet beautiful symmetry. Herringbone is among the most coveted styles of laminate sheet laying. The reason behind its popularity is, you can make the most of the entire amount of material at your disposal. As the pattern needs laying unequal sizes of strips, you can reuse many cut-offs that are usually considered scraps for other types of floor designs with laminates. This way, you save money on materials used for the entire work area.

Even if they are not chosen for a large room, long herringbone patterns are great for bathrooms, hallways, and entryways. You can add a little more jazz by combining the colours of the sheets you use for the entire area. This particular style of laminate flooring got its name from the skeleton of herring which resembles the structure of laying laminate strips in this particular flooring arrangement.


There is a wide variety of flooring styles that are trending in 2023. However, apart from taste, you need to make a selection of laminate types, and styling depending on the size and structure of your room. What is your take on this? Do let us know about the same by commenting below Read More

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