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Tourism Villages in Bali – The Island of the Gods deserves to be the most popular destination in Indonesia. In addition to the beauty of nature and marine tourism, unique culture and traditions in Bali are also the main attraction. The reason is, until now the culture of Balinese customs from ancient times is still tightly held by the people.

The spiritual aura in Bali will also be felt because until now it is still thick with various traditional rituals in daily life even though at this time Bali has been flooded with many immigrants and foreign tourists.

Want to feel a different experience while traveling? Not just walking around the city, relaxing on the beach, enjoying the nature of the gods, or exploring modern entertainment. See the other side of the place you are in. Here, Sumber Referensi Perjalanan recommends several tourist villages in Bali that will give you a unique travel experience.

Tenganan Pegringsingan village

The location of the first tourist village in Bali is located in Karangasem, Bali. This village has many attractions. One of the most famous is the gringsing woven craft, a Balinese woven fabric that you will only find in this place. Gringsing weaving is a product of Bali’s creative economy that is worldwide. The uniqueness of this woven technique is the double tie technique which only exists in Indonesia.

Not only that, the weavers of this village also maintain the high quality of the weaving that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you are interested in the other side of the island of Bali which has been preserved from pre-Kingdom times to the present, then you should visit this village. This is because, from homes, meeting halls, temples, all forms of tradition and culture to the way of life of the people, they still maintain the old customs closely.

Therefore, this village has earned the nickname ‘Bali Aga Village’ or ‘Bali Mula Village’. If you want to experience Balinese life since ancient times, you can visit this village. The villagers still maintain the layout of the buildings, yards, temples and people’s daily lives in accordance with the village’s atmosphere since centuries.

You can even mingle with local people’s activities such as going to the fields, weaving, going to the river and many more. Come in June or July. If you’re lucky, you won’t miss the annual Makare-kare tradition or the Pandan War art dance.

Carasari village

Did you know that this village is famous as the birthplace of one of Indonesia’s great heroes, I Gusti Ngurah Rai? Yup, this village has the nickname Carangsari the Historical Village because it is attached to many historical things in our beloved homeland. Located in Petan District, Badung District, Bali. This village has a historical feel that is closely related to the Dutch colonial era.

For those of you who are history lovers as well as tourist activities that stimulate adrenaline, you can try to experience the thrill of rafting on the Ayung river which is also the longest river in Bali. How, is it enough to tickle your adventurous souls? If not, you can also enjoy the thrill of swinging at extreme heights at LeKaja Bali Swing.

This swing has a height of 10 meters, 12 meters and 15 meters above ground level. Of course, don’t miss other interesting photo spots around it. After that, you can take a walk in the cocoa plantations while hunting for culinary and souvenirs typical of this village. Still not satisfied? Explore the conservation forest with elephants.

Penglipuran tourism village

Curious about the atmosphere of the cleanest village in the world? One of them is in Bali. This village is very popular among local tourists to foreign tourists because its name is worldwide. This tourist village won several prestigious awards such as Kalpataru, ISTA (Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award) in 2017 and was also included in the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 version of the Green Destinations Foundation.

When you enter this village, you are like entering a garden of deities. The reason is, not like the village in general. Rows of plants and stretches of green grass are neatly arranged with a typical village architecture and layout with ancient temple designs. The spatial layout of the village carries the concept of Tri Mandala, namely Utama Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Nista Mandala.

This concept divides the territory into three parts from north to south. The northern region has a noble function as a place of worship and place of the gods. The central region is a residential area. Meanwhile, the southern region is a burial area. Many traditional rituals are still running today, the biggest of which is Ngubasa to welcome Nyepi Day.

Towards the end of the year, if you are lucky, you will find many village festivals such as Balinese traditional clothing parades, cultural arts parades, and various cultural performances.

Mas tourism village

This village is famous as a legendary sculptor’s village in Bali which is already worldwide. No wonder you will find many masterpieces of art in this place. For you art connoisseurs, visit Siadja Gallery. You will find many historical works with high artistic value. This gallery has been established since 1995. There are also many art shops that you can buy throughout this area.

The second place you must visit is the Njana Tilem Museum. This museum has a typical architectural style of Ancient Majapahit with a collection of various masterpieces with high levels of difficulty. Believe me, this museum seems to take you through space time to the past. Isn’t it enough just to enjoy the art? You can take part in a workshop at the Black Hand Gang Printmaking Studio to learn graphic printing.

You can make your own work of art. This place also often collaborates with artists whose prints are signed and limited edition. Wow, how lucky if you get the chance to get this work of art. No less interesting is the natural landscape. Not far from here are Campuhan Hill and the Tegalalang terraces, two of the most popular spots in Bali.

Pemuteran village

It is different from the previous four tourist villages in Bali which stand out from the natural and cultural atmosphere of the village. This tourist village, uniquely emphasizes its marine tourism. There are 30 diving spots that have a collection of 80% of the world’s coral species that live in the waters.

One that is famous for its mysterious aura is Spot Underwater Temple Garden. A mysterious beauty that will make you trapped in amazement at the magestic beauty of underwater life with a large collection of statues that stand crow on the seabed as if waiting for your arrival.

Apart from that, you can also visit a turtle hatchery and relax on Pemuteran Beach or enjoy the panoramic view of the green hills on Pemuteran Chair Hill. If you like diving activities such as diving and snorkeling, visit this village to experience a different sensation of underwater life.

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