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St. Thomas has a perfect blend of diverse cultures and rich history. It’s a stunning tourist spot for history lovers and nature buffs. You can immerse in this Caribbean landscape with your loved ones. It has plenty of stunning bays, shorelines, crystal-clear water, and much more. You will definitely enjoy the water sports and perfect shorelines here. 

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The below list will provide details on the most underrated things to do while in St. Thomas. So, make sure to go through the guide for information.

1. Take a swim at Mages Bay

  • You can have a relaxing day at this destination.
  • Here you will find rental swimming equipment, lifeguards and other necessary stuff for swimming.
  • You can also take a four-hour tour right from St. Thomas to their Summit.
  • So, this place offers one of the most underrated things to do in St. Thomas.

2. Enjoy the fantastic view from Mountain Top Bar

  • St. Peter mountains offer a magnificent 1,500 ft. high natural to the spectators.
  • Visiting this place and witnessing the amazing view is the most beautiful thing to do here.
  • This destination is also known as the true inventor of banana daiquiri.
  • So make sure to taste one while you are visiting this spot.

3. Scuba Diving to explore the marine life

  • St. Thomas offers you some excellent scuba diving places.
  • This destination also has the world’s most crystal-clear water.
  • Here, under the water, you can watch the coral reefs and interact with some marine lives underneath the water.
  • We recommend that you take the help of diving instructors.
  • You can also get the option of snorkeling here in St. Thomas.

4. A Boat tour is a must

  • You can explore St. Thomas with a boat tour.
  • Thus, sail out to the water, taking a boat.
  • If you are not an expert at sailing, then take the help of instructors.
  • This is a continuous three-hour tour where you can get a view of best sights.
  • Take the Spirit Airlines Multi-City Flight if you want to cut costs for your traveling.

5. Visit the St. Thomas Synagogue

  • The St. Thomas Synagogue was established in 1833.
  • It is considered as one of 2nd oldest.
  • This place offers so many good photo-friendly spots.
  • It’s one of the most underrated activities in St. Thomas.
  • This place is located in Charlotte Amalie in the heart of the U.S.
  • It’s a great place to stop and explore.

6. Go for a kayak activity in the Mangroves

  • If you want to know the secret history of St. Thomas, then go for a Kayak ride in St. Thomas.
  • You can paddle on the waters of Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Here, you will be able to learn about the pirate’s history in St. Thomas.
  • This is a place where pirates used to sail previously.
  • You can conduct this adventure in the Mangrove Lagoon Marina, which is located towards the east end of St. Thomas.

7. Visit the Fort Christian

  • It’s the oldest building present in St. Thomas
  • It’s located just a few minutes’ walk from the Charlotte Amalie.
  • You can get more than 300 years of true Caribbean life essence from the buildings wall.
  • So, make sure to visit this historic St. Thomas monument.
  • The Danes established it to provide shelter from the Marauders.

8. Drive to Sapphire Beach

  • Many tourists might need to learn that this place is located just a 25-minute straight drive from Charlotte Amalie’s center town.
  • This place is entirely worth a visit.
  • You can easily relax or chill at the peaceful shorelines here.
  • Grab some food and drinks to make your visit more worth it.
  • It’s a perfect spot for beachgoers.

9. Enjoy at the Lindquist Beach

  • If you are looking for a peaceful place at St. Thomas, then visit this beach.
  • Plan a picnic at this spot or take a sunbath here.
  • You can enjoy some quality time with your family here.
  • Also, it has 21 acres of reserved and protected parkland area.
  • If you are a book lover, then bring your favorite book and enjoy this peaceful environment.

10. Go to the Fredrick Lutheran Church

  • This church is one of the oldest spots to visit St. Thomas.
  • It was established back in the year 1666.
  • This church previously served as a school for enslaved children.
  • Thus, if you are interested in learning about the fascinating history of St. Thomas, then it’s the perfect place to visit.

Final Thoughts

Thus, St. Thomas is an ideal place for sea lovers. Here, you can enjoy some fantastic underrated water activities. The spot is also rich in fascinating history. Hence, to travel to this beautiful destination, go through Spirit Airlines frequent flyer Program in case you are frequent Spirit flyer.

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