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We avoid claiming to be one of the leading Man With a Van because we believe it is a common occurrence in the removal industry. Hey, apart from it being a ridiculous exaggeration anyway, there are, in fact, many perfectly capable Movers without much to tell between them!

However, what we do know is that our Movers are also… very competent.

Moving Home To London Soon? Request A Quote

We like our Movers. We know them all well; they’ve all been with us a long time, some since the beginning. From the start, we put reliability and great service above all else and naturally looked for the same in the Movers that joined us.

Here are some of the main attributes that make our Movers among some of the best in London.

Dedicated Removal Experts

Our Movers only do removals, not courier work, deliveries, trade work or anything else, just removals. That means they know removals work inside and how to get around London because they do it daily. They know all the challenges that can pop up, like parking difficulties, lifts being too small for furniture, or whatever else it is. They’ve seen it all and will use their experience to find whatever works best for each situation quickly.


When moving home, people are at a vulnerable point. They must vacate their current place with all their belongings packed up and ready to go and then head straight to their new home, often during a specific time window. Hence the reliability of moving companies couldn’t be more important and is something every professional Mover takes extremely seriously.

That’s not to say there can’t sometimes be occasions where maybe a previous difficult job has gone over the estimated time or traffic is very bad. Still, on those occasions, the customer is notified of any delay. The bottom line is complete ‘no show.. is a no, no, and in our many years of operation, it has never happened, not even by mistake.


Rather than focus on just one size of move, our Movers cater for a range of small to medium-size removals throughout London, normally starting from a typical flatshare type of move up to a two or sometimes three-bed property (depending on the amount of furniture involved).

We find this covers the majority of moves and keeps things agile enough to avoid too many problems with access and parking.

Well Established

Our House Movers have many years of experience and have grown to become solid and successful businesses with a dedicated staff committed to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

It’s not just one man and a van; each Mover is a team of people that operate efficiently and professionally to ensure each job gets done.

Fleets Of Vans

Our Movers all operate fleets of various sizes of removal vans. Reducing the chance of getting the dreaded ‘sorry, the (one and only) van has broken down call.

Some Movers prefer to operate a uniform fleet of Luton vans simply because they can handle 90% of London moves regardless of whether they are small or large, so it makes sense.

It also depends on availability, so the size of the van is not an issue, and the fact that it’s going to get the job done is what most people are mainly concerned about.

Reasonable Prices

For the level of service provided, we think our Movers offer very fair hourly rates, with options to choose how many helpers you need. So if it’s a small move from a flatshare, for example, and you’re willing to get stuck in (a bit), you can save on the cost by opting for the driver who will help you, rather than two helpers. Most established London Movers charge similar rates, and you can get an idea of prices from our regularly updated post on man and van removal rates.

Great Customer Service

Lastly, our partner Movers have designated staff to deal with bookings and keep the operation running smoothly. So when you receive your quote, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a real point of contact for your move should you decide to go ahead and make the booking or for any queries.

When you add it all up, it’s the reason why we’ve become one of London’s most trusted names for moving home. Have a great move!

Date published: 27 January 2022

Categories: Removals Man and Van Man with a Van

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