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Wedding photography has highly evolved over time and today you have many interesting trends that will make wedding photography all the more interesting. Today there is a wide scope to use creativity to get some amazing results across your wedding photography mission. While working with a renowned wedding photographer California, you may come across some of the following trends to get the best from both candid and creative styles.

Drone photography

Drone photography is gaining a prominent place in wedding photography. Drone photography enables the wedding photographers capture breathtaking and unique aerial shots for you. Therefore, drone photography applied in weddings can help incredibly stunning photos that were not possible in the past. So, drone photography provides new dimension and perspectives to wedding photography when capturing the aerial views of the wedding, gests, different events, the couple and the surroundings. 

Blurred wedding photos

Blurred wedding photos have become a cool strategy in wedding photography. As part of this technique, the wedding photographer intentionally blurs parts of the images to achieve romantic and dreamy effect. For adding some energy and movement into your photos, this strategy can prove effective assuring some visually attractive and dynamic photographs. So, this is a great way to get a mix of unique images in the wedding album.

Emotive portraits

If you look forward to capture the emotion filled and highly special moments of your wedding, emotive portraits are the answer. This strategy can get you some intimate and romantic pictures that can hang on the walls of your home for several years to come proclaiming the importance of the special day in your life. To get excellent results across emotive portraits, it is necessary that you hire a wedding photographer California who is well-versed with this kind of photography.

Classic black and white is making a comeback

To add a touch of elegance and sophistication, black and white wedding photography has become a great choice for many new age couples. The monochromatic nature of these shots have something magical about them in transcending the time and capturing the best moments of your big day with all the intimate instances, raw emotions, and intricate details with creativity and grace. One of the unbelievable ways in which black and white photography can achieve the above said effects is by removing the distraction of color. Also, black and white photography can add a sense of timelessness to your big moments. Therefore, they are a nice way to make wedding photography achieve a timeless quality and an element of nostalgia.


To get the desired results across your wedding photography mission, it is important that you work with the best wedding photographer California. Good wedding photographers are in huge demand and hence you must be proactive in booking the best photographer well in advance immediately after scheduling your wedding date. This will help avoid last minute disappointments. Do some planning with your wedding photography and you are sure to make your big day the most memorable one in your life.

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